Month: March 2010

What a Pakistani can learn from an Indian entrepreneur

I was reading an article on Techcrunch and it occurred to me that the article had some very concrete lessons to teach anyone willing to either start, maintain or grow his or her enterprise. The article was about a company from India, but I read it like a lesson in the application of simple yet solid […]

An Idea Sir Jee! Reduce Poverty Through Livestock

The idea to reduce poverty through self-employment is of course not a new one. You would not be alone to think that a good idea on poverty reduction methods would be a good start. But you’d be wrong. There is no dearth of ideas, and if you can put away your bag of cynicism and […]

Let your calendar be your boss

It is about choices, never forget that. So, choose that you will let your calendar be your boss. You will let it tell you what to do. You will listen. Being someone who is ‘unemployable’ (i.e. self-employed), you find it hard enough to cancel important social events like weddings and friend get-togethers because you have […]

Force Majeure?

Force Majeure: It is the easiest escape route, you as an individual and as an entrepreneur can take. Blame it on ‘superior’ forces. (Quickly, read the first paragraph on Wikipedia on Force Majeure – it’s alright to not know – now go, quickly, click here :P) When I first started in agriculture, the land I […]

Meeting Malik Hanif, the Unicorn breeder

Feeling big about travelling hundreds of mile in my not-so-comfortable car to just ‘meet’ with someone who has reached the epitome of success as I’d define it, I was already happy that I was in Hafizabad. The person I was to meet has been breeding Unicorns it seems. I have a direct interest in the […]

Why it isn’t easy

Because we have different definitions of easy, firstly, and we really do not know our own selves. To find that something is easy or not, is relative a lot of variables. Picking up a glass of water is considered easy, but if you are tied down or that glass of water is 1000’s of miles […]

From the heart

The first job I got, in as a webmaster, was a case of ‘being hired before the interview’. My friend had his family friends over for a social visit and during the conversation, his family friend mentioned that he was starting an online portal, and was looking for a writer cum webmaster, to do […]

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