Month: April 2011

The Friday Refresh

Today is the first day of a new Event here at Life ETC; The Friday Refresh. The Friday Refresh will be a collection of links that I find that either inspired me or helped me achieve one or the other goals that I have set. If you want to submit a link that you think can be included, then please do let me know (either via Facebook page or Twitter). And also, starting from next week, I will try to get a Friday Refresh Meetup going, where Startas and entrepreneurs meet and talk about the previous week, and plan the coming one.  I am interested in meeting people who want to start things, do things differently and people who believe they can actually help others. And of course, have fun in the process. The Friday Refresh: 29 April, 2011 How To Delay Your Plans: Chris Guillebeau scared me with his latest article; a story that I am sure we all can relate to. It is amazing how many of us sub-consciously delay plain ol’ work by trying to get further schooling; Chris’s post hopefully shakes you up a bit. Affiliate Marketing: As I mention in an earlier post, I have managed to earn a return ticket to anywhere in the world, thanks to Affiliate Marketing. Alhumdulillah. I am already finishing my blueprint on affiliate marketing that shows you exactly how you...

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Who Is A Starta?

The words keep changing. They get institutionalized. They start to carry more meaning than they initially started off with. Like the word ‘entrepreneur’. Used to mean, “people who shift resources from areas of low productivity to areas of higher productivity”. People who effectively managed efficiency. Now it means anyone who is self-employed. Anyone who owns a business. The words keep changing. But there still are people who genuinely do shift resources, who genuinely do utilize the 20 percent of work for 80 percent of the result. There are still the ‘old-school entrepreneurs’ who strive to improve the quality of their lives, and of those around them (that is the automatic result of effectively improving efficiency) So I needed a new term. A new word. To define people who started things because they: found it interesting knew there is a better way of improving the overall quality of other people’s lives (that is, in fact, the definition of philanthropy) wanted to do things better (improve efficiency of legacy processes and methods) wanted to do better things (be more effective; choose the correct method for doing a certain task) thought it would be cool to live life to the fullest (after all, it is the only one they get) These people are Startas. They start projects that integrate their interests, help them achieve their targets while helping others improve. Startas may...

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Helping Others and Making Money

What does a policeman, a school principal and an entrepreneur have in common? We’ll come back to this question later in the story. Meet Zaheer Shah. He works a government job here in Punjab, Pakistan. A policeman, ranked Constable. He is paid a whopping 19,000 rupees (about 200 US $) per month, and looks the part; bulky, thin eyes and tall. He is also an entrepreneur, a Starta. He helps his friend, Mr Farrukh, run a small school in the rural town of Farid Kot, near the city of Pakpattan. This is very close to where I have set up my dairy farm. He insisted that I visit him for a cup of tea, and when I did visit, he served me a bottle of Mountain Dew. But that is the only disappointment in this story. Mr Shah tells me that everyone wants to get in to their school. “They do know that our standards are very high, especially compared to the choice of government schools,” he tells me, “but that is not the main reason they want to enroll here. They want to enroll because the education is totally free!” Yes, free. The student’s family doesn’t have to pay school fees nor pay for any school books. “We currently have 500 students enrolled,” he proudly tells me. When I went there, the school was admitting a fresh batch...

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