Year: 2012

How to Set Goals – The Dreambreaker Method Goal setting done right

I have always been a dreamer. Still am. I just know how to hide it better now, but I still dream seemingly impossible, idealistic, utopian dreams. And it makes sense to generally stay quite about my dreams till they are broken down. I sometimes pretend to be the dream breaker. Someone who rushes in, grabs each and every dream that I have been nurturing, and then break. it. down. Break it down into a plan. Dreams deserve plans. I call it dream breaking. Here’s how it is done. How to Break Dreams into Goals You can’t hit a target if...

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It is time to meet

We are organising the second annual LifeETC meetup. This is a short reminder to register early. The event is expected to take place in Feb, 2013. In Lahore. More details and signup is available at   Last year the seats went out fast, and I had to move the event to a larger hall. People from 5 different cities showed up and it was an awesome mix. Yes, the seats are limited. IF you are really serious about attending & meeting up with other like-minded independent entrepreneurs and adventurers, here’s what you need to do: Sign up and...

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Destination Anywhere: Getting to 1408

I have seen enough people dreaming of travel – men and women – that I think that we should make a plan to finally do it. New year is just around the corner – let’s make that the year where you get to travel to anywhere in the world. Sounds like a dream? Let’s break it then. Break Your Dreams Travel is a big adventure for many people yet we don’t get to travel as often. Although we have learned, by default, how to dream, we have not been taught how to break our dreams into plans. Let’s fix that....

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3 True Stories of Profitable Adventures

Waqas Ali is originally from Basirpur, a small town in the middle of Punjab, Pakistan. He came to Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, to do what most of us do: further his studies. Halfway through, he dropped out. “The stuff they were teaching me at college was so outdated,” he says, “I was reading books from the library that showed me the now!” He realised that college syllabus was not enough. He started a small company Hometown, that sells hand-made shoes. They are selling these hand-crafted shoes online, from Pakistan to all over the world. They work from a...

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The Possibility of Adventure The Birth, the Edge and the Story

There is this bridge connecting the two countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Right next to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, the bridge goes over this deep ravine and is a sight to behold. I jumped off that bridge in 1998 with nothing but a bungee chord tied to my feet. It was on the day of my 18th birthday. The bungee crew ask you questions, gauging how mentally fit you are before hurling yourself off a bridge, and during the conversation I told them it was my birthday that day. When you’re scared you say silly things. I remember looking into the camera and yelling out, “18 till I die!”. Now all Bryan Adams‘ fans will appreciate the choice of this phrase. But the irony is that I was bungee jumping on my 18th birthday, and screaming 18 till I die on the day you turn 18 isn’t exactly an apt use of that phrase. “You are here to die then?” the cameraman casually asks. And then everyone joins in, “he’s here to die, here’s here to die to die to die…” they made it into some sort of African chant I remember. I put on a brave face through all of this (I have video proof of the brave face!), and finally made it to the edge. The Bungee Master, this Australian guy, comes up to my ear and...

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