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All the advice you’ll ever need on entrepreneurship Personal list of YouTube channels for Entrepreneurs and pro bloggers.

Pakistan now officially has YouTube and I am so excited about that… for you! You now have access to tons and tons of information! This list of channels is for you if you want to be an entrepreneur, pro blogger, freelancer, consultant or want to be any of these! By God’s Grace, I’ve learnt a lot from these guys, and I am inshAllah sure you’ll too! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking hereĀ (highly recommended šŸ˜‰ ) You can leave a comment, suggestion, like, share etc, on the YouTube page itself for this video, click here. Got...

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Addventurer: Iftikhar Hussain Running a Conference Business from Lahore, Pakistan

Meet an addventurer! We are introducing Profiles of Addventurers here at JAV by Momekh. I have long wanted to profile interesting people doing remarkable work, and I even ended up doing a close knit meetup this year (more are expected next year). This is part of the series of people You should be learning from if you want to be creatively self employed, do an online business or live a life of adventure! Meet Iftikhar… I met Iftikhar way back in the day…when Badar (then at Google) and Jahan Ara (PASHA) used to arrange all these blogger meetups. He...

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What Advice Will You Give?

You want to learn how to play football? Great. To do that in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, get a job in a sports store. This way, you will meet actual footballers, and some of their skill may rub off on you… because you will be dealing directly with them. Aint that cool? You can wear the latest football shoe, the team kit of your favorite team (Barcelona’s my favorite, joga bonito woohoo!)… and as you dress the part, you will be well on your way to learn the beautiful game. OR You want to learn how to play football? Here, here’s a football… kick it, play it. And you’ll learn. +++ We (a) take things way too seriously, and (b) are too scared of jumping into things. I remember being told, “you want to start a business? Work in a bank first, that way you will interact with businessmen and learn the ropes.” But it doesn’t seem to work that way. You learn by doing what you want to learn. Next time you “plan” on doing something, incorporate action into it. Boil it down to “what action can I take RIGHT NOW to move this project forward“. If there is nothing you can do today to move this project forward, then: either you are planning too much in the abstract, or it is not the time to...

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What Matters Most Not What We Think

Who you are and where you’re from does not matter. What matters is what you decide from this moment on. Isn’t that horrifyingly simple? We are lead to believe that we are our biographies, that our past will determine our future. Things like, “but you can’t do this because you’re from a third world country,” or something in the lines of, “you are not made for this,” … these dialogues are thrown at us. But why do we accept them? We do what everyone is doing, because we are scared. I remember being told that I am not cut...

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Carpe Diem: A short note on death

There is this nifty little tool Carpe Diem, which gives you aĀ statistically accurate prediction on how much time you have to live. Hereā€™s what the data tells me about meĀ (based on Lahore, Pakistan): Of course, I can die tomorrow, or I can outlive all of us here, but like everyone, I will die. What then? Also, if you do or donā€™t believe in the Hereafter, then what now? You will die. What are you doing to make the most of it? How are you making the people around you better just because you were there? Tough questions. But imagine if you are able to answer some of them? What kind of a person would you become? What kind of choices would you make? Would you be doing the same job? Would you start the business you always wanted to start? Would you go on the adventure you always wanted to? Would you make up with old friends? Would you say sorry? Would you say thank you? What would you do differently? I pray for the Guidance of all of us. I hope you are doing well. Live curiously and inshAllah talk soon. +++ Carpe Diem means to seize the day, or more literally to pluck the day as it is ripe right...

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