Author: Momekh

Why it isn’t easy

Because we have different definitions of easy, firstly, and we really do not know our own selves. To find that something is easy or not, is relative a lot of variables. Picking up a glass of water is considered easy, but if you are tied down or that glass of water is 1000’s of miles away, it is not. A lot of things are ‘assumed’ to be in their respective places for a ‘thing’ to be easy. That is where the confusion in definitions come in. We think that starting a blog is easy. Well, it is. But we have already confused ourselves by saying that our objective is to start a blog. That is not the objective, now is it? The objective probably is to ‘start a community of like-minded individuals’ or something more concrete. Starting a blog is easy because you know how to start a blog. Starting a community of like-minded individuals is also easy, but only if you have either done it before or have read the right material on how to start such a community. Defining the objective clearly, simply and accurately is where most of us make the mistake. Had you known the real objective of you doing something, you would not only do it better, but might end up changing your game plan accordingly. The reason anything is not easy is: either...

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From the heart

The first job I got, in as a webmaster, was a case of ‘being hired before the interview’. My friend had his family friends over for a social visit and during the conversation, his family friend mentioned that he was starting an online portal, and was looking for a writer cum webmaster, to do up the content of the website (the portal being a content-based website). My friend asked him, ‘what about hiring the guy who wrote that?’ pointing towards the cover of that month’s Spider Magazine. Lo and behold, yours truly had one of his articles as the cover story for that month’s Spider magazine, the number one IT magazine in Pakistan. The guy told my friend to ask me if I’d be interested. I was interested, not because I was getting five thousand rupees a month for showing up for two hours, five days a week, but because the job was what I loved doing anyways. Internet, technology, writing, creating, doing new things, all in one! I have a direct interest in marketing and of the two jobs that I have ever taken, the other one was as a copywriter. This is sometime in 2001. The owner of the then up and coming ad agency Blaze called me up, introduced himself and told me that he is looking for a copywriter. I was in college at...

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Another year

It is 2009. It is time for some review. I can start by actually not deciding on a topic for my personal blog, because, well, it is a personal blog. More on that later. But probably not. I have to inshAllah streamline a few things, and then earn a set amount of money to travel to a few places within the year 2010. It sounds exciting. InshAllah, I will make it sound more exciting. Just give me a few...

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