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I Sold a Farm Why I sold the profitable dairy farm

Let’s start from the start. By God’s Grace, I started the farm as part of an extension for a bigger operation, and I wrote an article on the blog, sharing all the details about the dairy farm, reasons for starting it and the common pitfalls I encountered. A lot of people found that article helpful […]

That Fateful Cup of Tea

The following is taken from the Milk Distribution Case Study, a detailed breakdown of how one can start their own small milk brand. Read more about that here. +++ 200 kilometers away from home, my Mehran parked under the shade, I watch as the tractor pulled away. The trolley being pulled by the tractor is filled with […]

Women who work What women in Pakistan need

Got a call yesterday. A gentleman from Sahiwal. Introduced himself. Then he told me about her niece. “Her dream has been to start a dairy farm!” he chuckled. “But Khan sahib, she reads your blog and has a question, can you please talk to her?” Sure. Then he gave the phone to his niece. She […]

This was my first business, man.

Do you know how much a SIM costs? You know, SIMS, that small, usually-rectangular piece of plastic that you put in your phone – do you know how much that costs? If you want a mobile connection here in Pakistan, do you know the price you will pay to get that SIM? Zero. In fact, […]

The Milk Distribution Case Study is now Live!

After weeks upon weeks of writing, the case study is now ready! Alhumdulillah. Click here to read the sales page (and if you can find this useful, I hope you will buy this). I started my own milk brand here in Lahore back in the early 2000’s, when the “dairy farming revolution” was nowhere in sight. That […]

Acknowledgments and Your Invisible Team

I am re-re-re-reading The Lean Startup as I am preparing a workshop on business growth. I noticed the Acknowledgments section which I had of course seen before, but haven’t read read it. Then I took out my pen and listed the people Eric Ries acknowledges. About 5 institutions are mentioned and another three groups are […]

Are you Paying Attention To Your Hobbies?

We are trained to pay a lot of attention to our “work”. Work is sacred. But here’s an interesting experiment: look up the big events of the past and see if they were brought about by people working jobs, or by people who were doing what they were passionate about? Silly question, right? Passion always […]

3 Things to Do Before You Start Your Hobby Business

How do you take your hobby and turn it into a business? We have small cake business here in Lahore. I started this with my partner* last year in September. That business is a classic case-study on how to start a business based on the hobby of cooking. Looking closer, I have found that the […]

Is THIS the Biggest Risk You are Taking Right Now?

Was lucky enough to be invited at TEDxFairyMeadows as a speaker. I talked on “The Biggest Risk”. I talked about how we think we are avoiding risks but that “risk avoidance” may be the biggest blunder we make. Maybe. See the video and let me know if you agree? You may already know that, for […]

Do you want to earn money from your hobbies?

I have put together limited-seats workshop on how to take your hobbies and convert them into an online business. This Workshop is my first product after a very long time. And it is finally here! *clap clap* If you are interested in such a thing, read on. If not, then you can safely ignore this.  […]

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