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How can we teach the Quran?

Listen to the audio first (it’s in Urdu): I recorded this while in a car – gotta love the SoundCloud app! 🙂 Some observations and perspectives: Quran is pure guidance. It’s primary guidance comes in matters of “deen” (“deen” is inadequately translated as religion… it is not even a “way of life”… it is, to […]

How to Live a Life of Adventure

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “adventure”? Did you think of Indiana Jones? I don’t know why, but for the longest time ever, adventure for me meant a mission to exotic places, a hat and a whip. But of course, adventure is hardly the journey, it’s more of a […]

Are you even capable of reasoning with someone?

To reason with someone, you need to entertain other person’s thoughts with your own. You need to compare the other opinion with your own. To do this honestly, you actually need to allow for a possibility of your own opinion being wrong. This possibility, this thought that ‘maybe I have been wrong all along’ is […]

Is This what Your God wants?

As the drama right after Salman Taseer’s murder unfolded on GeoTV here, I tried to explain to Akhtar (the servant watching the TV with me), how this Qadri has tried to punish a supposed blasphemer (as of course, nothing Mr Taseer said could be put within the realm of blasphemy). I tried to explain to […]

What is opposite of happy?

What is the opposite of Love? It is not hate. It is indifference. The simple truth is out there. If you love some one, some thing or some ideology, you have to give a damn. Hate is the other side of the same coin. What is opposite of happy? It is not sad. It is […]

Finding my god

Finding God has a lot to do with defining God People talk a lot about finding God. What they are really saying is that they are ‘defining’ God. Your god is defined by your actions. Period. You may claim to believe wholeheartedly in Allah, in Yahweh, in Jesus, in Higher Beings, whatever; your claims I […]

Understanding taqleed, impossible?

I hate taqleed. I think it is one of the reasons we as a Muslim nation AND as an independent State, are failing. OR you say Taqleed is what has saved us from TOTAL failure so far. You can only reach the truth if you follow the Great Aalims (Teachers!) of the old times!” Let […]

One Constraint

What is the one constraint, that when removed, will yield massive positive results, in this life and the hereafter? Take your time to find the answer, and then focus all your energies in removing that one, single constraint. Leave all problems aside and remove that one constraint. You’ll thank me later.

Facebook ban – a Pakistani’s perspective

If you are a writer and a copywriter, a situation like this is a dream come true; you get to define a massive situation spread across a whole country in one simple word. Silly As of now, the whole domain of Facebook is banned. YouTube is banned. So is Wikipedia. Basically, three of the top […]

Facebook & Cartoons

It should have been a non-event. It is not. A group of people somewhere want to abuse the freedom of speech and hurt other people’s feeling, that in itself is nothing new. A lot of crazy people do a lot of, well, crazy things. The problem is the kind of attention that craziness gets. In […]

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