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How can we teach the Quran?

Listen to the audio first (it’s in Urdu): I recorded this while in a car – gotta love the SoundCloud app! 🙂 Some observations and perspectives: Quran is pure guidance. It’s primary guidance comes in matters of...

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Finding my god

Finding God has a lot to do with defining God People talk a lot about finding God. What they are really saying is that they are ‘defining’ God. Your god is defined by your actions. Period. You may claim to believe...

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Understanding taqleed, impossible?

I hate taqleed. I think it is one of the reasons we as a Muslim nation AND as an independent State, are failing. OR you say Taqleed is what has saved us from TOTAL failure so far. You can only reach the truth if you follow the...

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Facebook & Cartoons

It should have been a non-event. It is not. A group of people somewhere want to abuse the freedom of speech and hurt other people’s feeling, that in itself is nothing new. A lot of crazy people do a lot of, well, crazy...

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