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Women who work What women in Pakistan need

Got a call yesterday. A gentleman from Sahiwal. Introduced himself. Then he told me about her niece. “Her dream has been to start a dairy farm!” he chuckled. “But Khan sahib, she reads your blog and has a question, can you please talk to her?” Sure. Then he gave the phone to his niece. She […]

What happened in Peshawar (did not stay in Peshawar) I went to Peshawar for the Digital Youth Summit 2014. Here's what happened.

A bus ride from Lahore to Peshawar, non stop, takes you 6 hours. Riding the mighty and monotonous Motorway from Lahore to Islamabad, then to Peshawar, I slept most of the time. Well, tried to. Two guys at the back were talking loudly, in Pashto. I don’t understand the language, but I know the language […]

Work-Life Balance: Why you should not do it And do this instead.

I met an old friend. Works in one of the largest banks in Pakistan. He has a high ranking post: he manages the operations for pretty much half of the country. He told me a little story. “I was at this opening ceremony on behalf of the bank,” he said, “and one of my office […]

The Labour Movement: What a trade off!

The labour movement in the early 1800’s had the following as one of their slogans: 8 hour work. 8 hour recreation. 8 hour rest. More on the eight-hour day movement here. The day is divided in 3 sections. Work, play and rest. All three are given equal weight. Which I think is awesome. But herein […]

This was my first business, man.

Do you know how much a SIM costs? You know, SIMS, that small, usually-rectangular piece of plastic that you put in your phone – do you know how much that costs? If you want a mobile connection here in Pakistan, do you know the price you will pay to get that SIM? Zero. In fact, […]

Do This to Live a Boring, Mediocre Life

Beginner’s Luck is the ultimate mistress, always there to seduce me into thinking I am good enough. You try something for the first time, and you surprise yourself. The first time I let go of the arrow, it hits the bullseye. The first time I send in an article to a national publication, it gets […]

A Word of Advice on Words of Advice

A lot of people share and keep sharing Steve Job’s Commencement Speech at Stanford. The official video released by Stanford 6 years ago, has so far garnered 18 millions views. It’s a great speech. If you haven’t watched it, you must. A lot of people share that video with the message that “follow your passion […]

Finding Giants

For my 3 year old daughter I’m a giant. At the zoo, when I lift her up and place her on my shoulders, her world literally changes. She sees what no 3 year old can possibly see on her own. And if there are a lot of people heckling the lion, she sees the lion […]

The African Adventure / The Leverage Experiment

I can complain right now about how things are not going well. For my country Pakistan. The load shedding (power cuts) alone is enough to send chills down one’s spine – metaphorical chills as otherwise it’s hot and humid. The economy is down the drains. It’s awful. An honest man can’t make a living in […]

Some Thoughts (and one Rule) on Giving Advice

Why is it that others think they can tell you how to live your life? Or how to run your business? Or how to really break your fast during Ramzaan? Or how the way I’m combing my hair is not the best way to go about it!? It can – and does – get irritating, […]

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