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That Fateful Cup of Tea

The following is taken from the Milk Distribution Case Study, a detailed breakdown of how one can start their own small milk brand. Read more about that here. +++ 200 kilometers away from home, my Mehran parked under the shade, I watch as the tractor pulled away. The trolley being pulled by the tractor is filled with […]

Women who work What women in Pakistan need

Got a call yesterday. A gentleman from Sahiwal. Introduced himself. Then he told me about her niece. “Her dream has been to start a dairy farm!” he chuckled. “But Khan sahib, she reads your blog and has a question, can you please talk to her?” Sure. Then he gave the phone to his niece. She […]

What happened in Peshawar (did not stay in Peshawar) I went to Peshawar for the Digital Youth Summit 2014. Here's what happened.

A bus ride from Lahore to Peshawar, non stop, takes you 6 hours. Riding the mighty and monotonous Motorway from Lahore to Islamabad, then to Peshawar, I slept most of the time. Well, tried to. Two guys at the back were talking loudly, in Pashto. I don’t understand the language, but I know the language […]

Work-Life Balance: Why you should not do it And do this instead.

I met an old friend. Works in one of the largest banks in Pakistan. He has a high ranking post: he manages the operations for pretty much half of the country. He told me a little story. “I was at this opening ceremony on behalf of the bank,” he said, “and one of my office […]

The Labour Movement: What a trade off!

The labour movement in the early 1800’s had the following as one of their slogans: 8 hour work. 8 hour recreation. 8 hour rest. More on the eight-hour day movement here. The day is divided in 3 sections. Work, play and rest. All three are given equal weight. Which I think is awesome. But herein […]

This was my first business, man.

Do you know how much a SIM costs? You know, SIMS, that small, usually-rectangular piece of plastic that you put in your phone – do you know how much that costs? If you want a mobile connection here in Pakistan, do you know the price you will pay to get that SIM? Zero. In fact, […]

Do This to Live a Boring, Mediocre Life

Beginner’s Luck is the ultimate mistress, always there to seduce me into thinking I am good enough. You try something for the first time, and you surprise yourself. The first time I let go of the arrow, it hits the bullseye. The first time I send in an article to a national publication, it gets […]

A Word of Advice on Words of Advice

A lot of people share and keep sharing Steve Job’s Commencement Speech at Stanford. The official video released by Stanford 6 years ago, has so far garnered 18 millions views. It’s a great speech. If you haven’t watched it, you must. A lot of people share that video with the message that “follow your passion […]

Finding Giants

For my 3 year old daughter I’m a giant. At the zoo, when I lift her up and place her on my shoulders, her world literally changes. She sees what no 3 year old can possibly see on her own. And if there are a lot of people heckling the lion, she sees the lion […]

The African Adventure / The Leverage Experiment

I can complain right now about how things are not going well. For my country Pakistan. The load shedding (power cuts) alone is enough to send chills down one’s spine – metaphorical chills as otherwise it’s hot and humid. The economy is down the drains. It’s awful. An honest man can’t make a living in […]

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