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How to Get Ideas

Ideas can change everything. A little neuron firing in your head and you are a different person, living a different life, climbing higher mountains and making better friends. But what do you do when you don’t have any new ideas? Or the ideas that you have are not good enough? Ideas: where do you get […]

Sitting Still

For a lot of people, meditation is when you do nothing. I think they miss the point. Meditation is stillness. It is allowing the torrid rain of thought to fall unhindered. To test and to find purpose. Ideas are generated, nurtured and destroyed. All authority is challenged, questioned. A deeper meaning is explored. The resolve is […]

On Money, Communities and This Thing Called Life

Money If you can’t answer, “where exactly will I spend this money”, then that money is not worth working for. Try to trade the value you create for money (being self employed), instead of trading your time for money (doing a job). Money is the root of all evil? Your choices, decisions and goals are […]

One Tool I can’t recommend enough

You will know how easy it is to back up all your important data, survive any hard disk crashes, any data loss because I am going to tell you the one tool that is not only easy to use, but is free! I have tons of files on my computer that pass off as important. […]

This Blog is in a competition and Your vote counts!

This blog right here is nominated in the Best Business Blog category at the Pakistan Blog Awards. But it will only win if you head over and caste your vote! It will hardly take a minute of your time! Head over to this website and rate it from 5 possible stars. The Awards are nation […]

Who Is A Starta?

The words keep changing. They get institutionalized. They start to carry more meaning than they initially started off with. Like the word ‘entrepreneur’. Used to mean, “people who shift resources from areas of low productivity to areas of higher productivity”. People who effectively managed efficiency. Now it means anyone who is self-employed. Anyone who owns […]

Understanding Blogstarta

I’m a blogstarta, make no mistake. I love blogging and have been at it since the day it was born. Literally. I have been blogging since the time John C. Dvorak called blogging the best thing since CD ROM. And www.blogstarta.com is the perfect domain name for shop that helps outs bloggers. Blogstarta is the […]

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