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The Friday Refresh, March 2012

Ready to refresh? Here are some links I have curated for you over the previous few weeks. The following is a refresh list of things that the modern businessman, entrepreneur, starta or the awesome person that you are may find helpful.

How NOT to make New Year Resolutions

You will be able to achieve your goals in 2012 because I will tell you the simplest way of going about it. The idea itself is simple and that is exactly why it works. Most people who do make new year resolutions probably have “lose weight” or “quit smoking” or “get more exercise” in there […]

The Friday Refresh May 27, 2011

Friday already! Time to hit that refresh button folks. What commitments need a recharge? Perhaps a revamp? The Friday Refresh is a small event, that I do weekly. I use it primarily to recharge my batteries (and commitments). It seems to work! I thought that if I brought it to my blog here, you can […]

The Firday Refresh: May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th *gulp* Getting Results Ok, so here’s this man, you probably have heard of him. He was an American politician. He: failed at business at the ripe age of twenty one. ran for politics and was defeated, at the still-ripe age of twenty two. tried and failed again at business at the age […]

The Friday Refresh: May 6, 2011

Well, interesting week this. This is the second episode of The Friday Refresh. Dairy Farming in Pakistan I have made a whole section on Dairy Farming in Pakistan. A lot of people are signing up on my blog via the Dairy Farming post, and I want to make this section the ultimate resource on setting […]

The Friday Refresh

Today is the first day of a new Event here at Life ETC; The Friday Refresh. The Friday Refresh will be a collection of links that I find that either inspired me or helped me achieve one or the other goals that I have set. If you want to submit a link that you think […]

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