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Quick, think of a door…

Wait what?

Yes, think of a door.

Have you done that?

You have the picture of a door inside your head, yes?

OK cool.

Now, look at that picture of a door and tell me: did you think of the doorframe?

You know, door, doorframe.

Doorframe is what goes inside the wall. The door is attached to it.

You can have the best door in the world (I’m sure someone out there is selling one right now)… but if you do not get the doorframe then I am sorry, no door can ever even work.

And now that you’ve read upto here, I have one last quick question… (don’t worry, the end it will make so much sense you’ll love it).

Think of a house. The best house you can think of.


Did you think about the foundations of the house?


Of course not.

We don’t think doorframes when we think of doors. And we sure as heck don’t think foundations and plinths when we think of a house.

Can a door operate without a doorframe? Nope.

Can a house – no matter how grand – can it be livable without a decent foundation?

The fundamentals are like that… they are absolutely necessary.

And for the most part, they are invisible.

In my journey – that started early 2000’s – it took me a ridicoulously long time to figure this out.

My online courses, my coaching, my ebooks and digital products – all of them were not working because I was missing the fundamentals.


Only for Strugglers

This Growth Coaching program is not just for any type of Digital Creator… it is for strugglers.

If you don’t struggle right now, this ain’t it.

And if you’re thinking, “What me, struggling? Of course not” …

Please allow me to tell you what I mean by that, given I’ve been in that exact place not so long ago…

You see when you’re an entrepreneur – or trying to be – you go out on a limb. That’s how you feel.

And when people ask you how it’s going, you don’t want to cry your eyes out, “the client is not paying, he keeps rejecting my calls… I have bills to pay and –” you don’t say that.

You say, and I quote, “things are going great, thanks for asking, you tell, how’s Joan doing?” The kids? Awesome…”

You can’t tell your circle – your peeps, your posse, your clan – that your dreams are not working out right now.

But you know they will if you keep at it. They’re not just working right now but they will… o you wait, you just wait till I bring in the big bucks.

So when I say this coaching is for strugglers, you can ask yourself these two questions:

1. Are you making the big bucks with your courses and coaching?

2. Are you content – for most days of the week at least – with your work ethic, your discipline, your health, your relationships?

If you answered yes to both questions – then the exact 6 week Growth Coaching Program that I have developed, it is not for you.

Because in the six week program, we cover the absolute fundamentals when it comes to a successful digital creator. We install the things we don’t see. 

The frameworks, the habits, the mindset. 

We cover Clarity, Productivity, Influence, Branding and, yes, we cover profitable community building.

These topics, once in place, guarantee a few things will happen.

You see, you travel on a road, say from London to Reading (don’t know why on earth you’ll take that trip but by now you’re probably up for letting me run with it – thanks)… you get on the road that takes you from London to Reading.

Now, doesn’t matter if you go slow or fast, you will eventually get there.

“But I want to get there faaassstt…”

Sure, just drive faster. But no matter what you do: stay on the path. Stay on the road.

If you do, you do have a guarantee of sorts, don’t you?

That’s a guarantee in that sense… sure, accidents and floods or that one call you’ve been waiting for your entire life, these can make you get off the road. But if you stay on the road, you will reach your destination.

These things that we will talk about, they are also like that.

So if you are interested in learning more about this, book your first session with me, on the house…

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I thank you for your attention, and I wish you nothing but success.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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