Masterclass by Mohammad Khan

How to Start A 1 Lac/Month Online Business Without Leaving Your House

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SATURDAY 15 June 2024, 3PM Sharp (Pakistan Time Zone)

How to build a powerful AND profitable brand online, especially in or from Pakistan?

In this Live Masterclass, we will see the three secrets that, when present in your online business, can mean the difference between success or “another learning experience”.

I am going live this Saturday inshAllah to SHOW you how you can start an online business from Pakistan, and you don’t even need to know social media or how to make a website!

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DO NOT ATTEND This Online Masterclass If…

you are looking for a “quick fix”. This masterclass shows you what works, and if you want to earn money without hard work and patience, please do not attend this Masterclass.

you are not interested in doing what you love. We show you how to take your hobby, passion and skills and convert that into a lifelong profitable business. And for that, you need to be really interested in what you do.

your product or service is really bad. This masterclass teaches you the marketing side of the business, and great marketing will expose your product to a large audience. If you’re not ready to earn a lot of money by selling something that you are proud of creating, dont attend this masterclass.

You MUST ATTEND This Online Masterclass If…

you want to discover what works. I will inshAllah share with you how to build a profitable business, and how to base it on things you’re passionate about! All the things I will share, they have been tested in the Pakistani market first, and then in international markets, so you know you’re learning what actually works

you value your time and money. Attending a live session takes your time, even when it’s free. So I want to honor that and share the steps that you can take action on and see results, inshAllah.

you believe that there are good people in the world. I will show you how you can build a long list of clients who are HAPPY to pay you money, here in Pakistan. Good people, who value your offer. They are definitely out there and inshAllah we will discover how to ethically sell them your creations!

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, Mohammad here!

 If you are new to my community, first off, salaams! 🙂


  • I publish the award-winning creative self employment blog JustAddVenture,  
  • I have been self-employed for over a decade, experimenting, surviving and sometimes thriving in various forms of business!
  • have started offline and online ventures, including dairy farms, marketing firm, design consultancies, freelancing gigs and elearning. 
  • I was a judge at Digithon by Jazz, a prize-based competition for startups
  • was invited twice, the last time as a digital influencer to the Digital Youth Summit 2018, Peshawar.  
  • as an experiment, I set myself a challenge of earning only from affiliate websites, and then to go on a business-class trip. I by God’s Grace did it in 60% of the time, and then wrote a 70+ page guide called “TheFirst1000Dollars” on how exactly to do it (that is available for free on the blog)
  • once wrote an article on dairy farming that lead me  to creating a digital guide, that sells to this day 
  • helped my wife convert her hobby of cooking into not one but TWO online businesses  
  • have been interviewed in national and international electronic and print media regarding my ventures and addventures, 
  • I am not an expert, nor a guru, nor an internet millionaire. I am just a regular guy with a family who earns his living on the Internet. And I also show people like you how to do it in the best possible way.

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