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These free resources are brought to you by, a project by Momekh, to bring in real, practical and profitable sales techniques to the wider Pakistani / Urdu speaking audience. Bismilla 🙂 

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Sales Training

What is sales? Can you tell the difference between a marketing activity and a sales activity? Why are both important and how sales can be improved, especially using digital marketing and social media. 

The 554 Technique

This sales technique, once executed, will give you a new type of problem. 

The problem of having too many clients to handle. Don’t know if you want that problem in your life right now. If you do (I really hope you do), then do check out this simple technique.

All the best

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Testimonial on using the 554 Technique

by Agency owner from Vihari, Pakistan

What is Sales?

Sales is the act of “closing” a deal. So what is closing? It is completing the transaction. Sales is a series of well-defined steps that take your “lead” and convert it into a “client”. 

Sales is often confused with Marketing. Especially in Pakistan, the sales professional is left without a clear guidance on how to build their career. Let us change that inshAllah and help each other build our sales muscles and grow our sales career. 


Sales Training and Tips in Urdu

The 6 Business Systems You Need

The 6 Business Systems You Need

When I sold my first website in 1999, I wish I knew this then. When I was running a 140+ acre farm remotely, I wish I knew this then. I ran a milk distribution company here in Lahore for 5+ years before shutting it down without any fanfare. I wish I knew about...

“The 20 year old investor”

“The 20 year old investor”

“Fifty thousand, don’t say less than fifty thousand.” That was the thought going through my head as I entered the building. I was on time. The lobby was large, smelled nice with a big LCD on one side and sofas on the other. The lady at the reception took one look at...

2 of My Favorite Side Businesses to Start in Pakistan

2 of My Favorite Side Businesses to Start in Pakistan

There are at least 6 profitable ways you can start an online business, especially in Pakistan. Unfortunately, 99% of the people I meet, don’t know this. I am blessed to live a project based lifestyle for a majority of my working career. Out of the 6 business models, I...

“Let me get back to you” – “pooch key bataata hoon” – “bauhat mehnga hai” – Sales Rebuttals

This clip is taken from one of my goal setting workshop delivered here in Lahore.

We are talking about sales rebuttals, and how you can answer some of the common objections your sales leads may have.

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