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Complete Guide on Freelancing from Pakistan

Freelancing, especially from Pakistan, is a great way to either do full time. Or to do part time and add to your existing income. People are earning upwards of 100,000 rupees per month doing this part time. And pretty much sky's the limit when it comes to freelancers...

Your Next Mission

Your Next Mission

What is your next mission? It is totally understandable if you were unable to answer the above question quickly.... If you were able to answer the above question, leave a comment here and let me know what that mission is! But with all that is happening in the world, I...

Working from home…(and Corona virus update from Lahore)

Working from home…(and Corona virus update from Lahore)

This post is part of a larger resource. You can learn more about working from home on the Work From Home Resource page, brought to you by ProHobbyist and Momekh! I have been blessed to be #workingfromhome for the past 15 odd years! Here are three tips to get you...

Digital Marketing in Pakistan Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital marketing is being done wrong. There, I said it. Way too many people are doing this thing called "digital marketing", but then you ask them, "what is digital marketing?" and watch then rattle off things like: It's putting ads on Facebook It's making sure your...

E commerce Business (Pakistan) – The Mistake!

E commerce Business (Pakistan) – The Mistake!

If you are planning to start an ecommerce business, especially in Pakistan, then first off all, congratulations. That's the right decision. But there will be an inherent problem that you will face in starting an online business here. In fact, you will face this...

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