My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you be all you can be and make a positive difference in every area of your life

Who is Mohammad Khan

That’s a valid question – but first off, salaams!

I publish this award winning blog Just Add Venture, and run, the coaching and consulting business helping people and brands grow.

I write about personal and team productivity, living life to the fullest and creative self employment.

My dream and challenge is to live completely under the graceful umbrella of the Quran & Sunnah, while exploring all that this life has to offer, in hopes that when I meet my Maker – for indeed we all will – I can say, “I used everything You gave me”.


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Latest from the blog

Why am I Going to the 1 Billion Summit in Dubai?

Why am I Going to the 1 Billion Summit in Dubai?

I will be leaving for Dubai inshAllah on the 29th, to attend the 1Billion Summit being held at the Atlantis, a snazzy 5-star hotel. Content creators and influencers from around the world are being brought together in this conference with their cumulative audience...

5 Traits of an Amateur (DONT DO THESE!)

5 Traits of an Amateur (DONT DO THESE!)

اناڑی بننا ہے تو یہ پانچ چیزیں ضرور کریں۔اور اگر ماہر بننا ہے، اگر اپنا مقام پہچاننا ہے، تو یہ پانچ چیزیں بالکل نہ کریں۔ If you are interested in becoming a professional and then becomming a HIGH PERFORMER in WHATEVER you do, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter...

How to use Discord in Pakistan

How to use Discord in Pakistan

Discord is a chat application. And you should be using it. At least be familiar with it, if you want to grow your self and your earnings. If you are on a mission to be the best version of yourself (and say "aameen" to Allama Iqbal's prayer of "خدا کرے تجھے تیرے مقام...

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