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All material in the Membership is created by Mohammad Khan. The content is culturally relevant and context-appropriate. It is designed primarily for the Pakistani entrepreneur who is looking to take full advantage of the digital opportunities in an honest, professional, profitable and systematic manner.

Momekh Premium Membership is PKR 25,000/year

This Online Membership is created by Mohammad Khan. All courses are taught by him. Mohammad Khan is an award-winning content creator, entrepreneur and add-venturer from Lahore Pakistan. His work has been trusted by brands such as…

Culturally-relevant content that is context appropriate, these lessons and workshops are a culmination of 2 decades worth of experience working in the Pakistani landscape. You can now access these workshops and library of action plans to develop your own self and your own brand.

What you get in the Membership

Success Examined

We deconstruct how success has always worked, and see its core structure, so we can apply that in our life!

Your Vision and Dreams

We see how to MAP your dreams – and your VALUES – onto the structure. This ensure that you are taking your dreams seriously!

Step By Step

We go step-by-step and I share my own CALENDAR with you, where I show how to discipline one’s creativity for purpose and for profits! #Bismilla

Library of Life-Lessons

Your Perfect Business Website

Craft an engaging and profitable business website. Turn ice-cold visitors into red-hot buyers!

Retail Price: PKR 5,500
Included with Membership

Personal Branding Workshop

Step-by-step workshop on how you can start building your own personal brand that is powerful and profitable.

Retail Price: PKR 8,500
Included with Membership

Profitable Content Creation

Start ideating, creating and distributing content on social media to generate actual profits (and not just likes!)

Retail Price: PKR 8,500
Included with Membership

Find Your Business

Always know which product to add or business to start, before you spend money on creating and promoting it!

Retail Price: PKR 5,500
Included with Membership

Profitable Client Journey

How to implement this fundamental (and often overlooked) strategy in your brand to start getting more clients into your business.

Retail Price: PKR 8,500
Included with Membership

Build Your Platform

Discover the critical elements that go into building and running your professional platform to build your brand

Retail Price: PKR 8,500
Included with Membership

Step-by-Step Action Plans

Action Plans to Help You Kick-Start Your Business

I am adding Action Plans into the membership to ensure that you have a library of checklists that you can follow to do the most fundamental and profitable activities for your business.

From running Facebook ads that deliver results, to designing your sales page, to setting up your content production “studio” on a tight budget, the Action Plans are the quickest way to set up your business and brand – and yourself – for success, inshAllah.

Your YouTube Studio Setup

A Professional YouTube studio for every budget – from low budget to going all out, see how to get the most our of your resources!

Live Monthly Coaching

Our Next Member-Exclusive Q&A is Happening Soon inshAllah

How to Craft a Repeatable and Profitable Content Plan for Your Brand

Masterclass scheduled for November 2021

On this Momekh Premium Membership livestream, I will be answering questions related to content creation and planning for one’s work and personal brand!

We will look into planning content for branding AND profitability, and then dig deep into creating YOUR social media content calendar with monthly, weekly and some daily routines of the greats!

I look forward to sharing all I have discovered in over almost a decade of creating content for brands, both business and personal.

To access this Livestream and other previously recorded premium livestreams, join the Momekh Premium Membership!

Momekh Premium Membership is PKR 25,000/year