The following Masterclasses are full blown online courses, workshops and seminars, delivered LIVE to you via the Internet.

All of the following Masterclasses are free to attend live (unless otherwise specifically mentioned)

I sincerely believe you can SEE RESULTS by attending these sessions live… I hope to see you inshAllah on the other side.

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All Masterclasses will be conducted by Mohammad Khan / Momekh. You will be able to ask live or follow up questions as well

The 7 Steps Masterclass

These series of Masterclasses and Workshops are designed to apply the seven steps to convert your hobby into an online business. Know more about these free Masterclasses by clicking the button.

Online Business Masterclass

We cover a LOT of ground in this Masterclass.

If you want to know HOW online business works, and how can you take PURE ADVANTAGE of the Internet opportunity, then you need to attend this masterclass.

Time: Tuesdays 11:30 AM

Location: The Internet!! But you need to book your seat by registering with your name and email.

Price: free to attend

How to attend?

You book your seat by clicking the button below and typing in your name & email. You will be notified when we are going live.


These Masterclasses are workshops conducted via the Internet. They are JAM PACKED with ACTIONABLE advice… and on average the masterclass can go for one hour, with workbooks and action items. 

These masterclasses are free to attend live. The replays will be available at a very, very affordable rate. Check out for to acces previous premium Masterclasses/workshops. 

These tools enable you to be creatively self employed and live a life of adventure! You in?

These tools enable you to be creatively self employed and live a life of adventure! You in?

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