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This blog is about creative self employment. All three words hold importance and in all probabilities, you will find this blog relevant and (hopefully) useful if all or any of the following three reasons hold true:Adventures and Experiments

Reason 1: You want to get real tips and articles on how to be self employed. Being self-employed means being liberated and it means trying out new projects to obtain at least some semblance of financial freedom. From Dairy Farming to Internet/Affiliate Marketing, I try ’em out, make money and report it to you, here.

Reason 2: You will get pretty unconventional and creative ideas on living a productive, optimized life. From 15 Creative ideas on making money to having a healthy, productive lifestyle, all attempts are made to provide a doable plan of action on living a – dare I say it – a wholesome life.

Reason 3: It’s all from the heart. This is not text-book stuff; this is a highly personalized, opinionated attempt at living a life worth living. You may call it spiritual, call it religious or you may call it selfish even – but the development of self includes a clear focus on discovery and on experimentation. And the thing is, I want to share all the good things I find along the way. Hope you enjoy your stay.

And oh yeah, there is a fourth reason as well…

Reason 4: All of it is free. In the words of the mighty Poe, there is no charge for awesomeness. 🙂

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