ProHobbyist by Momekh

Uncover what is really working in the online world in this three-part series.

How can YOU start an honest online business based around your hobbies, interests and passions!

See the entire process how you go from:

spending money on things you love all the way to making money doing things you love.

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What’s Inside

Part 1: The Path that Must be Walked

What is the biggest opportunity in the online world right now? We uncover that in this video. And to answer the question, Why would someone buy from you, when there is already so much free information online?, I present to you my favorite metaphor of “Walking the Path”.

Part 2: The Complete System

We break down the process in seven steps, and then I share ALL the steps with you, with a workbook for you to start seeing results immediately God willing. This part shows you HOW a hobby is “tested” and then “converted” into an a business offer and then how you start selling online!

Part 3: The Case Study

How one hobbyist from Lahore converted her hobby of cooking into not one, but TWO online businesses! This case study will show you how the System is applied in real life. This was a live class presented to an online audience!

Meet your “instructor”

I am not going to instruct you to do anything. I am only going to show you what works.

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