August Sale 2018

For the independence sale, here are the pricing changes and discounts.

These discounts will only be applicable for 24 hours.

These discounts will only be applied if the payment is made during those 24 hours. Please don’t make verbal commitments to pay at a later date at the discount price… sorry, the discount is only for a limited time. 🙂 Thank you for understanding.

Some scenarios:

  1. You want to start your online store, so you get the Blogstarta by Momekh deal. That goes for $235 per year, but when you buy during the 14 August sale, you get the deal for $190 for the first year.
  2. You want to start your dairy farm and also want to see how you can sell that milk to the local market. Then you get the Dairy Farming Guide and the Milk Distribution Case Study for $42 instead of $86!
  3. You want to turn your blog into a professional blog, get a decent design and all the technical support you need, then again you’d take the Blogstarta by Momekh deal for $190 for the first year.
  4. You want to discuss in detail your business idea, so you can get the Instant Marketing and Business Coaching call for Rs2,500 instead of Rs 5,000! These coaching calls are getting good reviews in either case Alhumdulillah.

Here are the products with their discounted prices.

# Product / Service Name Original Price The August Offer  
1 Digital Marketing and Online Sales – Coaching by Momekh Rs 25,000 Rs 12,500
2 Momekh Instant Marketing & Business Coaching Rs 5,000 / session Rs 2,500 per session
3 Complete Action Plans from the ProHobbyist Memberships (including the Find Your Business Course and the Website Creation course) Between $7 to $25 Half off
4 Dairy Farming Guide, Milk Distribution Case Study (Making a local brand) $47 and $39 $23 and $19
5 Want your own website, online store, and/or Pro Blog? Then get the Complete Online Presence package solution. $235 / year $190

(Rs is Pakistani Rupees, $ is US dollars)

If there are any questions, you can ask us on:

Wish you the best,

God bless,

Pakistan Zindabaad! 🙂