There was a time when I thought I could get anything I set my mind to.

And I had proof. Boy was I good! I’d tell people I’d get this XYZ, and lo and behold, after a few attempts, I’d have it.

But then I don’t know what happened. Maybe the dreams I had, the goals I set, maybe they became more difficult. Maybe I got lazy.

Maybe both.

But now when I dream, I know what’s going to happen…

It’s a pattern.

I want to make something of myself, I try… and then I fail at it.

I am not where I want to be. So I tell myself, “it’s great that you tried.”

I think everyone who don’t get what they aim for, they secretly admire themselves for “just trying” and then they turn a blind eye to the result. Because there is no result to speak of.

It was a dream, and it is now all a dream.

I remember being so excited about dreaming big dreams. And now? Now I am sick of dreams. 

Everytime I’d dream of something magnificent, something that will change the way I live, something that will impact people around me… 

Everytime I dream, I now know, that it will be easily placed in the “dream” drawer… and I will share it once in a while with friends, with family, but I will know that whenever I dream, it will meet the same end: sadness. 

“What is a dream?” he asked. 

I don’t know if he really asked this question, because he did not wait for me to answer.

“A dream is nothing more than a neuron firing in your brain,” he said, “do you know the weight of a neuron firing in your brain?” 

I don’t think he is asking questions he wants me to answer…

“It absolutely zero,” he said. 

“Yeah ok,” I say, “but then what do I do?” 



What’s the value of a neuron firing in your head?

Absolutely zero.

But what makes that neuron firing in your head, turn into a life well lived?

Our Manifesto

The Dreambreaker takes ownership of their dream.

They know that “dreaming the dream” is simply not enough… our dreams deserve more.

Any worthy dream needs to be broken down  not just into a goal, but into little bits that can be sprikled across your calendar.

Aah, calendar! What to speak of a calendar!

The Most Sacred Document Created by a Human

It is only the most sacred document a human being can ever create.

It is a collection of a your promises that you make to yourself or to others. And if you are anywhere near being serious about achieving your dreams, you need to take your promises more seriously. And a calendar – a straight-forward tool available on your phone – allows you to live the fulfilled life of a Dreambreaker!