My firm

Momekh Co Logo

I run a small boutique consultancy by the name of Momekh&Co.

The firm deals mostly in online advertising and marketing, user interfaces and businesses processes*.

I have been doing some things long enough to know enough. And I have made some good friends along the way, people who are doing remarkable things in their own fields. Together, we take on a few projects per year.

Unlike with most consultants, there are no smoke and mirrors.

The firm Momekh&Co does work only via a solid reference i.e. I probably know you.

I have a thing or two to say about the corporate world and the corporate lifestyle (and people who read my writings already know that), so I don’t hide the fact that I am not ‘out looking’ for a consultancy gig.

If you think Momekh&Co can be of any help to you and your organization, you already have my number.

* try saying ‘businesses processes’ quickly! The corporate world loves terms that sound heavy and no one knows exactly what they mean. Much like how we go through school. God bless and good luck with whatever you are up to, friend. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog 🙂