The Guide

Here’s what I realized that changed the way I earned money:

  1. making websites is a skill,
  2. and selling that skill is a skill too!

I learned that skill and saw a vast change in the way I approached my work.

My first consulting project I charged Rs 12,500 for a website. My recent consulting project, I sent an invoice of 1.1 Million rupees. Both were local, Pakistani clients. So if you are serious about starting a successful freelancing/consulting business, go through the video and do the worksheet.

Can it really be this straight forward?

The following video will show you ALL you really need to start your freelancing and/or consulting business. Trust me, you don’t need a fancy office nor do you need that gadget … you just need answers to these questions (worksheet available for free !!)

This is an old video. I have since lost 20 kgs and learnt tons more on high performance in work and life … but that’s for a different story and a different lesson I guess.

Here’s the worksheet:

All the best. Any questions, ask me as a reply to the email I’ve sent you.