Traveling because you can?

Are you travelling a lot?

Probably not.

A lot of people don’t get to travel, although they’d want to. Anecdotal research alone tells me that most of us would want to be in a position to travel freely and to ‘see the world’ but they don’t get the chance to do so.

What are the reasons for not being able to travel freely?

Most quoted answers:

“I don’t have the money to do so”

“I can’t find the time to do so”

In many cases, both answers hold true for many individuals.

That is a sad state of affairs because there is a remedy for this. It is being self-employed.

If you are a student, learn a skill that you can sell, if you are already in a job, first quit because you probably already have a plan. Tell me I am right.

I wonder how many people are willing to learn how to become self-employed?

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