Working from home…(and Corona virus update from Lahore)

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I have been blessed to be #workingfromhome for the past 15 odd years! Here are three tips to get you started…

Upgrade Your Net!

Get a high speed Internet connection. If you stop rolling your eyes… a bad internet connection creates a lot of bottlenecks that will hinder and slow down your workflow

create a space

DECLARE a place in your home to be your office, and give it the full protocol of that office. The myth of “working from anywhere” is just that, a myth. Find a corner, stick to it!

Upgrade Your Net!

Work in chunks of 90 minutes, with a 5 to 15 min break in between. And aim for a total of 4 hours of work max. You will inshAllah see your productivity shoot through the roof, even compared to your 8-10 hour work day!!

And one thing: stop the spread of unverified information regarding Corona Virus please. According to a Hadees of our Prophet PBUH, it is enough for a person to be a liar if he/she receives information and he/she passes it on without verifying it. So be responsible please. Find teachers to distinguish between hype and “haqaaiq”. All the best!

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