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Cooling Fans for your Dairy Farm

This is essential. Pakistan has hot summers. Very hot summers. The milk producing capacity of your cows is directly – yes, directly – related to the temperature of the environment.

Some say that after 26 degree Celsius, each unit increase in temperature has a significantly negative effect on the milking volume of the cow. In plain English, this means that we need to keep the temperature of the environment as low as we can economically and practically manage.

Fans do the job. I know some people use the normal ceiling or pedestal fans for this job, and that is better than having no fans. But if you can afford it, you should go for the industrial fans.

The Fan from Bilal Engineering costs around 11,000 PKR. Yes, that is expensive. But then again, it is not expensive… I only needed one to cover the whole width of my farm (See the video).

Note: A lot of people may say that do not spend this much money on such ‘luxuries’ etc. Please, do not listen to them. This is essential. You are spending upwards of 120,000 rupees per animal, and once you read a herd size of 10, that’s more than a million rupees worth of asset. And you are going to hold back on 11,000 rupees to cut costs? Please do not fall in to that trap… setting up a cooling system is part of your infrastructure and is very much necessary.