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Mohammad Khan

My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you be all you can be and make a positive difference in every area of your life

Who is Mohammad Khan

That’s a valid question – but first off, salaams!

I publish this award winning blog Just Add Venture, and run, the coaching and consulting business helping people and brands grow.

I write about personal and team productivity, living life to the fullest and creative self employment.

My dream and challenge is to live completely under the graceful umbrella of the Quran & Sunnah, while exploring all that this life has to offer, in hopes that when I meet my Maker – for indeed we all will – I can say, “I used everything You gave me”.


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“If you are really looking for someone to help you reach your potential I would highly recommend Mohammad to help you on that journey” ~ Sana Saleem

Latest from the blog

The DreamBreaker Sessions

The DreamBreaker Sessions

What would a hero need to go from his dream to realizing his dream? If you’re directing a movie, what would the hero need to achieve his dreams? Thinking like a director instead of the hero of your own movie, gives us the required “distance” we need,...

Step 1 is to do the Friday Refresh (3 more steps)

Step 1 is to do the Friday Refresh (3 more steps)

I have covered elsewhere why these four fundamentals of execution are the only things you need to live a structured, disciplined yet creative and spontaneous life: Have a big exciting goal Have a list of behaviors that once done, will get you to achieve that goal...

Brands, Friends and Foundations – Mansoor Aziz | Aziz Steel #9

Brands, Friends and Foundations – Mansoor Aziz | Aziz Steel #9

In this episode, my guest is Mansoor Aziz, an entrepreneur and business owner here in Lahore. We discuss how long we know each other and how we got to do a lot of fun things over the years. Mansoor is heading Aziz Steel as a Director, and Aziz Steel produces billet...

How to manage yourself (especially as a student)

How to manage yourself (especially as a student)

How to manage yourself, as a student? How to better manage and organize yourself, as a professional working a job? How do I start managing myself? How can I improve my self-management? These questions are answered in the video. We look at the three meetings you need...

How to fix lack of focus

How to fix lack of focus

I have always struggled with focus. The reason it took me so long to figure this out was because I did not even know that I had lack of focus. How could I fix lack of focus if I didn’t even know I had a focus problem? As I share in this video (watch this to know...

3 Powerful Time Management Skills for Students

3 Powerful Time Management Skills for Students

Here are three skills you can implement right now to manage time. We will look at a total of three time management skills for students. These skills will help you get better grades in far less time inshAllah (as you’ll see). These skills were recently used by a...

What Clients & Students Are Saying

Mohammad is a consummate professional who has built his career around helping organisations and individuals unlock their potential by instigating purposeful thinking in them. He prepares hard, stays current with the trends and brings in a unique cultural perspective in his delivery on diverse topics. Additionally, he goes the extra mile to enable a continuous learning mindset in teams through various tools that he makes available.

Mohammad Khosa

CEO Pakistan, PepsiCo

What a wonderful speaker and the way he explains things and his experiences to keep it engaging and full of knowledge so others can get benefit out of it. If you ever get a chance to attend his session/talk don’t miss it, you gonna get a ton of information and training. 

Ijaz Rafi

Co-Founder, WP Minds

I had a pleasure to collaborate with Mohammad Khan for a training at our organisation on Goal Setting. Being a student of HR and believer of life goal setting, personally it was beneficial for me to learn new things from his training. I strongly recommend his signature training on Goal Setting by Mohammad Khan’s Momekh.

Mir Muhammad Kamran

HR Manager, ARCO

Not only did he have a unique style of connecting with the team but also managed to deliver a strong message about the importance of fundamentals. So if you are really looking for someone to help you reach your potential I would highly recommend Mohammad to help you on that journey.

Sana Saleem

HR Business Partner, PepsiCo Int'l

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