Finding my god

Finding God has a lot to do with defining God

People talk a lot about finding God. What they are really saying is that they are ‘defining’ God.

Your god is defined by your actions. Period. You may claim to believe wholeheartedly in Allah, in Yahweh, in Jesus, in Higher Beings, whatever; your claims I am sorry to report, do not matter. What you do, what you choose when presented with a choice, that is what defines your god, that is what matters.

You may claim to believe in Allah, but when you ‘let it slide’ and decide to illegally tighten up on your electricity meter, really, you are following the god of greed. You define your own god by the actions you take. So finding god has a lot – a lot – to do with defining god.

When was the last time you tried to do that? Or are you not questioning authority yet?

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  1. summiaya

    How true! we dont realise at times that what we are doing. We claim that we are good but actually are we?
    I know a non muslim who is my neighbour, one of the security guard died of our lane. Trust me no one gave a single rupee for his funeral but that non muslim took him at 2am to the hospital, paid the bills, bought his kafan and hired an ambulance to send his body to his village including giving our servant fares of coming back ( as he had sent our servant with the body cuz he knew the guards villlage). All the residents were supposed to contribute in this but unfortunately people are so stone hearted these days.
    So its really true, no matter what religion you belong to your actions represents your character and your fear and love to God.

    • A very apt incident to extend the concept!

      Simple ethics is something that not many pay attention to whereas God considers it the basic requirement of being a wholesome individual.

      Thanks for the input!

  2. Fine and great post which shakes the feelings inside our self conscious.

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