If you could do one thing…

If you had Millions of dollar in your bank account, what would you do then? You would buy everything, and do everything money would allow you do (and that’s quite a lot). Yes, after you’d done all of that, then…what. would. you. do?

The answer to that question is the what you should be doing right now, when you don’t have them Millions. It is only then that you’d be happy.

So, do you want to be happy. Or just rich?

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  1. but u are already rich, with the millions. Happiness and being rich DO have a correlation, but no one has yet understood that relationship to be positive or negative. A direct correlation between happiness and your work, on the other hand, seems to be more established i.e. if you do what you love, there is a very high chance you’ll be all the more happy.

  2. dang … i cannot spell – i meant *Rich & Happy

  3. How about rick & happy ?

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