Lets Meetup in Lahore

LifeETC Meetup Lahore

It is time to meet.

This will be the first ever LifeETC meetup. The location will be in Lahore. On March 31st 2012. God willing.

Are you coming? Click here to register.

Picture of La Dolce Vita - the venueTime: 4:30 PM till 6:00 PM

Date: 31st March, 2012

Location: La Dolce Vita (in Garrison Golf & Country Club, Lahore) – see map

A high tea menu will be served


I already have a few people confirmed who are actively engaged in the following businesses:

  • Dairy Farming
  • Franchising/Retail business
  • Restaurant/food business
  • Pro blogging / Blogging as a business

Do you want to talk to people who are successfully doing the above and are willing to share their experiences?

There are no sales pitches, nothing to sell here. Just good ol’ talk, sharing stories about business and the pursuit of a wholesome life.


There are no tickets to this meetup – it is free. Everyone’s welcome and you can bring guests along. Old and young, men and women, are all invited. This meetup is not about me; it is about you, the awesome LifeETC community and the fine people who have already agreed to talk about their experiences.

But you do need to register to get on the guest list. We have limited seats at the venue – you know how it is 🙂 So please take the time out to confirm and register … click here to register. I will take down the registration form once we reach the maximum seating, so please register now if you are interested.


If you have any questions and/or concerns, ask in the comments section, or email me (hit reply if you are reading this in your inbox).

If you can not come, we might broadcast on Google Hangout… depending on your feedback. Let me know. Thanks.

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  1. It was a very helpful get together. I am sure all the people learned something from it. I learned alot for sure. And please arrange these meetups in the near future. We can arrange pre funding as madam said there and different people can give their views through presentations. Thank you for inviting me, May Allah give you power and will do keep doing these helpful activities for others. Aameen 🙂

    • Hey, thanks Aamir! 🙂
      This was the first time ever; in fact, this is was the first time in Pakistan that a blog community has met! A lot can be improved, but God willing, we’ll get there. Thanks again for your support, dude! Rock on 🙂

  2. amna tahir

    Dear Mohammad
    It was indeed a great show!!
    I found it interesting to listen to all those people.
    Aamir the young dairy farmer made the picture look encouraging.
    Your efforts are impressive.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Yes, Amna, Aamir is an inspiration himself! 🙂

      And thank you for showing up.
      There were a lot of things that can be improved of course, but I am happy that we all started on the right foot.

      God willing, I am hoping to keep adding value to the community and have bigger, more wholesome community meetups in the near future.

      Thanks again.

  3. I missed. I had to be in a family party. Hope it was great. Would like to join next time IA.

    • Man, we missed you there. A lot of people showed up, and for the first ever LifeETC Community meetup, it was a very successful event. Getting some good feedback from the people who attended. 🙂

      Let’s see how soon we do another one God willing.

  4. Sophia

    Hi, I would like to have details on how to start dairy farming. Trying to prepare a feasibility report before proceeding ahead. Would you please guide what are the key pointers and people to consult before stepping ahead.

    Awaiting for your contact detail to discuss it out further. Look forward to hear from you soon.

    • I have written up a few articles on the Dairy Farming industry that I hope will help you out.

      The dairy farming section of this blog is here.

      I have also written a Guide on How to start a Dairy Farm that focuses on the key issue of strategy (most businesses – including dairy farms – fail not because of bad tactics, but because of bad strategy). You can read more and/or buy the Dairy Farming Guide at this link.

      Hope this helps.

      Have you subscribed to the blog? Are you coming for the meetup? God willing, a lot of experienced people coming too. All the best, Sophia.

  5. Though I’ll not be able to attend friends at Lahore yet my choice to attend this great event via Google hangout. Thanks

    • Thank you for your interest Habib.
      A Google Hangout will also be in place for the event, God willing.

    • Malik Muhammad Imran

      AOA to all brothers,
      It really makes me feel happy that despite the current political situation in Pakistan, the new generation is looking forward to success.
      Regarding meetup, I am in UK at the moment but want to know what will happen that day, is it possible I can be with you via internet? Is there any possibility please let me know.
      Thanks and regards

  6. Registered! Looking forward to an invitation soon 🙂

    • Expect a phone call for confirmation within this week, Nabeel. Thanks, and looking forward to meeting you too.

  7. amna tahir

    I am Soooooooo excited! Thank u Mr. Khan!

  8. Thank you for your kind response I will be waiting for the updates anxiously

  9. Aamir Raja

    Registered and cant wait 🙂

  10. Fahad Haider

    I am trying to register myself for this wonderful opportunity, but unfortunately, I don’t have internet access at my office. I will definitely register from home (late night). Please do reserve 1 seat for me. It’s a humble request.
    Take care.

  11. Umar Khan

    how can i attend 😛

    (from Siberia)

    • You are attending. Skype. Live. Register and I will let you know the details. Either Skype or Google+, we have it covered. 🙂

  12. Never mind its done!
    i have registered my self!

  13. I am in karachi but i would love to join everyone in Lahore
    but i cannot access the registrition from the email recieved
    kindly help me out here and also mention the date and location

    Thank You!

    • Hey Umair, thank you for your support and interest.

      You can access the form at this link http://momekh.com/go/meetuplahore/

      Let me know if there is any trouble (it should work).

      The venue will be in Gulberg, Lahore. The date and time is yet to be finalized, depending on people’s schedule.
      And if you are coming from Karachi, I will be sure to update you as soon as possible.

      Let me know please if the form doesn’t work (if it does work, I will know anyways 🙂 ).

      Note: Within an hour of sending this email out, we are already half booked. Awesome response! Thank you.

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