I present to you the end-all list of business ideas that you can start online, that are e-commerce based.

This list of business ideas is different. This is not some copy-paste happening here. This list is carefully created. I have been blessed since 1998 to be in the online space here in Pakistan. I was earning 30,000+ per month as a student during that time. I then went on to do different projects over the last 2 decades, and discovered different ways of earning money in Pakistan. Alhumdulillah. So this list of ecommerce business ideas I hope you find useful, as it was crafted with a lot of thought and care.

I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for your attention. Now on with the article…

What is an e-commerce business anyways?

E-commerce business is any business where the transaction takes place on the internet. So by that definition, a lot of businesses in Pakistan right now can be treated like an e-commerce business, and a lot of them still remain to be brought online. But in this article we will see how you can start your own online business

And here’s a fact: we really don’t care if it is called e-commerce or oo-commerce, what we need to focus on is starting an online business! We want to earn money on the Internet. InshAllah we need to do that with honesty and dedication. And we need to know the best ideas for online business regarding that.

So here we go:

What are the best e-commerce Businesses in Pakistan for 2021?

I have divided the list in three categories.

  1. One type of e-commerce business is where you sell physical products
  2. Second type of e-commerce business is where you are selling digital products.
  3. And third type of an e-commerce business is also affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

5 Best E-Commerce Business Ideas for Physical Products

These online business ideas involve selling a physical product that you will be getting yourself either from the local market, import it or make it yourself. This also involves shipping shipping the product to your customer.

Start an e-commerce store selling jewelry accessories

How can you start a small business selling jewelry from your home? There are two ways you can go about this:

  • Make your own jewelry and then sell it
  • Source jewelry from your local market to sell

The first option of making jewelry yourself, that is what will make you a ProHobbyist, where you already love to craft jewelry and accessories, and now you are opening a small online store to sell those creations.

The second option means that you will be going to different local markets in your city, to buy from there. Or you may be ordering from Alibaba or AliExpress to sell at a profit margin here locally in Pakistan. This requires some effort on your part as well. Also, this is where your personal taste will determine if the products you select will sell or not.

Once you have products, it is highly recommended that you package your jewelry and accessories in a very professional manner. Remember, packaging of your product is a primary way of conveying trust to your customer, don’t overlook it.

start a small jewelry business from home in pakistan

Remember, in your jewelry business, you will need two things to succeed:

  1. The jewelry / accessories themselves should be good quality
  2. The marketing of your business must be professional

When I say marketing, I don’t mean just the “advertising” or the “product packaging” for your hand-crafted necklaces or locally-sourced ear-rings, no. Marketing means that you, as a small business owner, as a professional, as a ProHobbyist, are taking care of the entire customer journey!

This is what separates the amateurs from real players: always remember that your customer has a problem that your product is solving. In the case of an online jewelry store – no matter if it’s in Pakistan or anywhere else – the customer has a problem that he or she wants to look a certain way, and your product will now help them do that.

The internet allows you to digitally set up these funnels, where the person gradually goes from “I have a problem” to “hey, these guys solved my problem with their jewelry product”.

To learn more about customer journeys and how to set up your own professional business online, check out my free training on implementing the 7 steps of a profitable online business.

Start an e-commerce store selling children / kid clothes

I will be adding content here shortly inshAllah

Start an e-commerce store selling home-based food (or cakes)

I will be adding content here shortly inshAllah

Start an e-commerce store selling pet-related items

I will be adding content here shortly inshAllah

Start an e-commerce store for handicrafts / home decorations

I will be adding content here shortly inshAllah

5 Types of E-Commerce Stores Selling Digital Products

This is not as common, especially in Pakistan. But selling digital products include online courses, e-books and live sessions. This can include Zoom sessions done by a teacher for example, or an online course on how to set goals for example etc. This is a BIG market in Pakistan, and is currently underserved. We will look into this.

3 Types of E-Commerce Business Ideas Based on Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping

This is where you are selling someone else’s products. Affiliate marketing is very different than dropshipping, but I have grouped them here because both involve selling someone else’s products.

If you are serious about starting your e-commerce business, I highly recommend you read the E-Commerce for Beginners guide that I have created. Most people who are starting out, do not know that starting an online business means you need to pay attention to three different aspects of the business. I cover that in detail in that article.