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The First LifeETC Local Meetup. In Lahore

These are all people who are doing something and now want to do something more! Add more adventures, more awesome into their lives. 🙂 The scale of what you are doing doesn’t matter: one runs a site with 25,000+ paying members, one has the largest selling design in an international marketplace. One is a swim […]

Let us meet.

Are you a lettuce or an apple? A lettuce will take three months to grow and you can use it in a salad. That is why it’s commonly called salad leaf. Now once the lettuce has been used, you need to replant a new one. Salad leaves are healthy and quick to grow. An apple tree, […]

Adventures ahead (what do you think of the last idea?)

Things are getting tough. I like that. Here is a list of adventures planned for the next few days! Praise the Lord!   Subscriber Toolbox for LifeETC blog I am working on two things right now, to include in the Subscriber Only Toolbox:

Do you want to earn money from your hobbies?

I have put together limited-seats workshop on how to take your hobbies and convert them into an online business. This Workshop is my first product after a very long time. And it is finally here! *clap clap* If you are interested in such a thing, read on. If not, then you can safely ignore this.  […]


My first triathlon. Done. I am now, officially, a triathlete. But this is not just another item off my to-do list.  They were announcing every finisher’s name and their country as they finished. But the announcer missed my name – possibly because I entered with four others. He missed it. It was OK. But then I […]

5 BIG TIME Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

I have made each and every one of these mistakes and have paid the price. I write them here so someone who is starting off on the self-employed road can be ready! But even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, see how many of these mistakes you don’t make!? Click play button above to see […]

It is time to meet

We are organising the second annual LifeETC meetup. This is a short reminder to register early. The event is expected to take place in Feb, 2013. In Lahore. More details and signup is available at http://momekh.com/meetup/signup/   Last year the seats went out fast, and I had to move the event to a larger hall. […]

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