Only God is One, you are not

Just a thought.

If you are working at a bank, does this mean you are a banker? Yes, I’d say. But that is not the only thing you are of course. You are many things. Many.

Why is it that we are our laziest when it comes to language? Why don’t we TRY to use the words correctly. Apart from getting weird looks from people when you’d tell them ‘I am also a <insert profession here>‘, you will also be telling the truth. And most importantly, you’d be clearer in your mind as to what you really can do and eventually, should do.

Something to think about.

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  1. Atif

    Moody when someone asks what do u do it actually implies what you do for a living….and believe me they are not interested in if you are also a 😉
    the sufi inside you is clashing with your exterior…..therefore the crazy musings

    • Of course it does. But ‘implied’ questions usually end up being the ‘actual’ question. Clarity in language is one of the BEST ways to achieve clarity in thought. Addition of a simple ‘also’ at the end of telling one’s profession can (and does) open possibilites of more than one income streams, for example. It ALL starts in the mind. 🙂
      P.S. let the sufi inside remain. 😉

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