There seems to be a lot of people in Pakistan looking down upon Pakistanis who speak English with a strong Pakistani accent.

If there is an American accent, a Jamaican accent, a French accent – why can’t there be a Pakistani accent that you can accept and get along with without smirking or sharing giggles with your elitist friends?

I don’t mind if you say that I am a blogger or a blaagar, that you go to this isskool or that school, this haspitaal or that hospital. It just does not matter. Just like it shouldn’t.

Most of us Pakistanis, that is how we speak. We have our English accent and we take ownership of this.

The following buttong will now be displayed on all the blogs that I control. I suggest you do the same. This button is not for Meeras, this is for the Inzamams perhaps. 😉

Use the following code to inset any of the two images on your blogs:

i am a blaggar

– change the file name to oye-blaagar.png to change the image from ‘I am blaagar’ to ‘Oye blaagar’. If you want more options, let me know in the comments.
Peace and God bless,


I don’t mind if you speak correct English with a Pakistani english. This is blaagar, signing up and signing off.