The Only Skill Required to be a successful Entrepreneur (of course, there’s a catch)

I dare not. No sir, I don’t. I dare not mention the endless list of lists on the best lists on how to become an entrepreneur, on how to start your business, on how to bootstrap you way to success and on how to save the most amount of money. These topics are covered not only extensively, but in some cases, quite thoroughly to beget any explaining or elucidating on my part. I will just tell you the one thing that all of these books, lectures and seminars will probably not ‘focus’ on, assuming that you already know it. It is that assumption that you probably do not pay attention to. It is the assumption that you are OK with learning.

Are you OK with learning?

Do you know what it is? Do you understand that to actually learn something, your ego has to take a back seat, and you have to admit to yourself and to others that, “I do not know”?

Have you learned how to learn? Do you appreciate what it takes to start your opinion with allegedly lame phrases like, “To the best of my knowledge…” or “In my opinion…”, and then mean it?

It is my understanding that regardless of the fact that you do a job or are self-employed, you can be a great entrepreneur. And to the best of my exceptionally limited knowledge, you do not get to be a great entrepreneur if you do not understand and practice the skill of learning.

Happy learning.

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  1. I certainly hope I am learning 🙂 I try to be a observer as well, to see where I have made mistakes and what I can learn from my mistakes.

  2. Farhan Masood

    Great Article. Straight from my heart…. Let go your ego to learn and see the miraculous success at your footsteps. Happy Learning to all

    • Yes Farhan sahib, the ego is the main culprit in not letting one learn.
      I wonder how you, as being a successful entrepreneur yourself mashAllah, can relate to keeping a cool head and just telling yourself, maybe I can do better, maybe I do not know the full angle on this.

      For those of you who do not know, Farhan Masood is a tech entrepreneur, apart from being a great guy to hang around with. (check out for more!).
      Maybe we can hook up an interview with Farhan, no? 🙂

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