It seems you have stumbled upon my digital home. I welcome you – do stay over for a cup of chai (or coffee). While you sip the hotness, let me introduce you to what this place is all about:

Imagine doing what you love and getting paid to do it. You set you own times, work hard and smart — all the while discovering new possibilites, making interesting friends and changing the freakin’ world!

You can change the world if you believe that the world is full of – drum roll please – is full of people. If you influence one person, if you change one person’s day, his or her approach, mindset – you have effectively changed the world.

This blog is a collection of essays and stories from my attempts to do the same. If you are up for it, you can learn a thing or two. Perhaps. I write how-to articles and guides on strategy and tactics as well, maybe that’ll prove fruitful.

And if you’re just browsing, may I suggest a bouquet of my popular articles here on the blog? Click here.

You can always contact me to ask any questions, the media kit is here, I am on Twitter and Facebook and Google+ and LinkedIn and ad infinitum (someone come up with a social network called infintum so I can link to it, quick).