1000 Watts Confidence Workshop

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Radiate 1000 Watts of Confidence

Confidence can open doors that otherwise are not even available to us. 
1000 watts confidence
✅ Have boundless confidence in your day-to-day so you never feel shy to say the right thing.

✅ Discover the TOOLS you can use to TURN UP your confidence, during any situation.

✅ Unlock YOUR true potential so that your goal setting is JUICY and INSPIRING.

This workshop is designed to take you through a journey of discovery, where you go from “I can not” to “how can I not?”

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I have a question for you…
Did you know about the following cycle?
And if you look at it closely, you will see that it makes sense, right?

You take an action, you get a result.

“OK wow, that was mindshattering Mohammad, what great insight!”

No, no, hang on… so you get a result, and that result is feedback for your brain.

And that feedback gives you confidence. Or if the result and the feedback is bad, KhudaNaKhwasta, then of course, the feedback takes a bit of your confidence.


That confidence is interlinked closely with what you believe you can or can not do. So your beliefs get updated.

“So my software gets updated you mean?”

Well, kind of… (I know you’re grinning, it’s OK)

And with this new set of beliefs you plan your next action.

And then that action leads to another result, and so the cycle continues.

Now, if I was to ask you, what was the ONE thing that you can change right now, that will give you the FASTEST result? You have the Structure of Success in place, your planning is on point, you have things under control, that’s great. So what will be the next thing that really upgrades your efforts, upgrades your life and your work and your family life…

You see, you can’t change the result, because that is determined by the action you take.

You can’t change the feedback, that’s controlled by the result.

You can’t change even the action you take because that is controlled by the BELIEF and CONFIDENCE you have in your own self!

Do you see? If only I can UPDATE my belief about myself, if I can HAVE confidence and then RADIATE confidence, my life will certainly improve much quicker inshAllah, right?

You have the Structure in place, WHAT will you build on it? 

I am proud and happy to report that we have created a course that SHOWS you how to RADIATE confidence in your day to day! This course (delivered in our typical Urdu and English mix bag!) is designed with our culture and priorities in mind…

And that is why we – four of us, with a cumulative training and teaching experience of more than 50 YEARS! – created this course.

And to show that I am inshAllah confident that this workshop will truly help you, I will make you a deal: you go through this workshop, and if for whatever reason you don’t find it useful, you will have full 14 days (2 weeks) to ask for a full refund. Yes, this workshop has a full 14 day, rock-solid money back guarantee!

How about that for a smart, hard-to-say-no-to kind’a offer? 🙂

I will inshAllah see you on the inside.

Note: once your payment goes through, you will be given access to the 5 sessions of this Workshop. You will be able to access this on our student portal, where you can ask follow up questions as well inshAllah!

Wishing you success in both world,

God bless and inshAllah talk soon,

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Mohammad Khan
Founder Momekh.com
Pay via Debit/Credit card, Bank Transfer or Easypaisa/Jazzcash