The Samurai Editor

Josh Seiden says about editing one’s writing, and I quote verbatim (is there any other way?):

when you are editing, you are a deadly samurai warrior. You slash writing to bits until only the good and pure and worthy words are left. But when you are writing, you are not a samurai. You are a waterfall or some shit and your job is just to let those words flow and flow even if the good ones are all tumbled up and white-watered with the ones that are rotten and filthy and polluted. Just remember that you can’t write and edit at the same time. Why? Because you can’t be a samurai and a waterfall at the same time because that shit makes no sense at all.

Beautiful! Isn’t it?

Waterfall and Samurai. In that order. I definitely need a reminder (or five) with that.

You can (and you must, if you’re into writing, waterfalls or samurais) read the full post, titled “How To Writeon Medium. And the post delivers on the promise it makes in the title, for it teaches you the only method known to mankind on ‘how to write’.


Click here for more (attempted, curated, compiled) advice on writing.

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