48 Hours Flash Sale

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Quick summary of deals:

Deal for Dairy Farmers: get the Dairy Farming Guide AND the Milk Brand Case Study for US $40 instead of $76.

Want a pro blog / website? Get the Blogstarta platform (normally $147 per year) plus the Secret Sauce Recipes ($47 one time) for $97!

Happy Eid.

I will be monitoring and replying to emails personally, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to me at [email protected]

The details:

For Dairy Farmers

Start your profitable dairy farm and start your own local milk brand!

You want to buy the Dairy Farming Guide? Normally it’s $47. Many people who want to start a dairy farm, want to start selling the milk directly to homes, instead of companies like Nestle or Olpers. So they also end up buying the Milk Brand Case Study. This is the business I did for 6 years Alhumdulillah. The Case Study normally sells for US $39. So if you get both, it would cost you how much? It would cost you US $76.

For this deal, you get both of them for US $40. How about that? Right. Cheaper than the cost of one, you get two. But only for the next two days. Happy Eid!


The Eid Flash Sale Has Ended

For more details on each of the two items:

  1. The Dairy Farming Guide
  2. Milk Distribution Case Study

Come back to this page to buy from here to get the discounts!

For Online Entrepreneurs, Writers, Bakers, Creatives

Get a professional blog, email with domain name, and training on how to craft the profit pages, for this cool price! (this deal has a limit, so you need to act fast please)


The Eid Flash Sale Has Ended


Now, if you want to start a professional blog, start an online business, you would need:

  • hosting,
  • domain,
  • web design,
  • content management system,
  • a professional email account like [email protected]

… and that’s just the bare bones infrastructure.

And after you get the infrastructure, you would need to know what exactly to put there. What types of web pages are a MUST and HOW to write them? Also, how to setup a email newsletter that actually AUTOMATES your sales?

We’ve got your covered in both these cases.

Blogstarta + SSR

The deal gives you the Blogstarta platform (normally priced at $147 per year), and the Secret Sauce Recipes (normally priced at $47) for a total of $97! So what would normally cost others 147 + 47 = $ 194, you are getting for $97*. Happy Eid!!

Getting in on the Blogstarta platform costs $147 per year right now. It’s an annual subscription that you pay at the start. And in return you get a website ready for you to put content on (it comes ready-made with WordPress installed).

I provide a lot of support myself for clients on Blogstarta, so this is a highly underpriced offering. And that’s why we have a limited number of entries available for this one.

Blogstarta is the same platform that powers:

Also, for $97 dollars you would get the platform and the Secret Sauce Recipes.

To know more about the Secret Sauce Recipes, check out their normal sales page here:


Note: if you want to buy Secret Sauce Recipes separately, they are available at their normal price of $47 for all three, and $19 bucks for each. You can check them out in detail here.


The Eid Flash Sale Has Ended


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