AI Tools You Can Start Using Right Now

AI is not going to take your job. Someone using AI to be better, that person is going to take your job.

So here are some tools that you can start using right away. These tools will help you with your workflow.

If you have any questions about these, don’t forget to ask in the comments.

Voiceover using AI (in Urdu)

Murf AI is a tool you can use to generate human-sounding voiceovers. You just type in the script, and this AI tool reads it out.

I messed around with this one a bit, and check out how the AI tool can be used to generate dialogues not only in English, but also Urdu (they have the “hindi” option, but you know how it goes).

And this is the voiceover I got (it’s actually pretty decent). With a bit more tweaking, I am sure you can get much better results as well.

Click play below to hear the above script being read by AI software:

Writer better with AI suggested sentences

wordtune is the tool I used to come up with the following, and these are actually better than what I initially wrote.

AI tool that helps you write better English

AI Tools You Can Start Using Right Now!

Here is my top 11 for now:

GPT, ChatGPT and OpenAI

GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It generates text based responses using algorithms that are pre-trained on data that it needs. GPT has been developed by OpenAI, which is a company founded to make AI accessible! The GPT tool is Open Source, meaning anyone can look at the underlying code, and using their APIs, can develop their own tool.

Most AI tools on the list are using that GPT tool, because it is Open Source.

ChatGPT and a Pakistani

Also know that ChatGPT itself is an application that is based on the GPT tool.

You can literally train ChatGPT. I did some experiments, and the results were beyond what I expected.

In a single chat session, I pasted in some of my older blog posts, and then told it write a 100-word article in my tone and voice. And it was immediately able to deliver a much better result… I even told it to use words I commonly use, and it knew where to use those words, within context.

Sure, ChatGPT used InshAllah a bit out of context, but this was just one instruction.

I told it to write a song for me, as many have done. But I tried to throw a bouncer here 😉

ChatGPT didnt get it the first time, but then I reminded it that the song’s in Urdu!

Now check out what ChatGPT did when I told it to rewrite this Urdu song! Check this out:

The way it captured the nuance, and added the “AI kee qasam / Data kee qasam / Code kee qasam” parts on its own, that is quite surprising and I was not at all expecting it give such a relevant answer.

But here’s the interesting bit. GPT3 has already proven itself to be a remarkable milestone. But wait for GPT version 4!

Consider the following:

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GPT4 will be able to write a complete book of 60,000 words as a response to your chat prompt! You just tell it to write a book on XYZ topic, and it will spit it out right in front of you! Just like GPT3 is able to produce essays, the GPT version four will have a much, much larger set of parameters that it can use to proivde its answer.

We do indeed live in interesting times.

Now imagine, what GPT version 20 will be like!?

Images for the tools, that you can use to share your favorite:

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