All 3 Sports

This is a page dedicated to my attempt at playing all 3 sports.
all 3 sports

Swimming. Cycling. Running.

All I wanted to do was get fit. Lose that extra belly fat. Of course, you do not need to go all multisport on it.

It started with my conscious effort to be more fit. To do that, as is most thing, I started reading up. After a few misses, I got a hit. I found Truth About Abs (a PDF eBook by Mike Geary).

Of course, there is still nothing to do with a triathlon.

But one thing lead to another.

Reading Mike’s excellent advice in his eBook, I realized that to increase my fitness, I do not need to start doing things. I needed to adjust my lifestyle. That’s hard. Doing an extra round of the park after the weekly football, that’s doable. Changing lifestyle – eating habits, sleeping habits etc – is hard.

I imagined myself 5 years down the road with either lifestyles. Of course, that made the decision to choose the ‘fitness’ lifestyle, a whole lot easier. I didn’t want to end up a fat slob. I wanted to improve. Improve further.

The learning never stops.

Although my plan with the sport of Triathlon is a bit different, I find it fascinating that we understand so little of our own bodies.

Fitness itself is misunderstood.

Heck, most of the people I know do not even know how to run.

The simple discovery of a better running technique made me realize how much I didn’t know about something that I took completely, absolutely for granted!

If you want to learn the practical, applied science behind the three sports, you will hopefully find this useful. God willing.

Right now, this page is a placeholder. I will be updating more on the Google+ page for all three sports. Click here to see that.


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