Non Linear Editor

The problem you’ll be solving: We are looking for someone who is capable of editing (including grading), rendering and post-editing a video. That sounds very functional but we do realize that the editor is hugely important in telling a story. You will be an integral part of Team Momekh going forward.

This is a full time job, based in Lahore. We allow remote work for people who demonstrate they can deliver results remotely.

We primarily shoot web videos (between 3 to 15 minutes) and lesson/lectures (5  to 50 minutes). You will be the first hire for our filming setup, and this gives you a unique control over all aspects of videography. If you know an XLR from a dSLR, can put together a three-point lighting set up with your eyes closed and shoot outdoor hand-held shots with one hand, then read on.

Responsibilities of our Non Linear Editor

  • Carry out complete post-production as and when needed, including graphics, animation flourishes, video/audio editing, color grading and correction.
  • Manage and maintain workflow both individually and team-wide
  • Brainstorm and pitch ideas for videos for different platforms. Different videos for different audiences: YouTube, Facebook.


  • Experience: We require someone with experience in video and post production. At least 2 years in this or similar field. References required.
  • Advanced experience with Adobe Premier CC & After Effects.
  • Understanding of deliverables and codecs for the web.
  • As our primary medium of distribution is the Internet, understanding of embedding videos for responsive display across multiple devices is a big plus.
  • Excellent command of English and a willingness to collaborate on projects
  • Animators and motion graphic artists a huge plus (separate portfolio required)

Type of Position

  • We only have full time position for this work.
  • For full-time workers, you are required to be in Lahore and available on-location.

Apply for this Position

To apply for this position, you application must include:

  1. A resume with a cover letter. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to our team. Be specific.
  2. Include a link to your portfolio online so we can see proof of your talent (YouTube, Vimeo, blog etc). If you were part of a team that made the project, please mention which parts you were involved in (editing, lightening, audio, post etc).

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