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Instant Coaching Sessions

You may need to get confirmation on your ideas, may need to know more about a certain marketing strategy, you may need some advice on further cutting costs in your online marketing budgets… the small investment can save you time and money inshAllah.

Invest in a consulting call with Mohammad Khan. We will tackle three different broad facets:

  1. Get Critically Honest Feedback: is your idea really good? Do you want advice that is free from the bias of friends and family members? You will get that here. The objective is not get you to “do the idea”, it is to give you the best possible strategy and advice.
  2. Strategic Ideas: Sometimes a small tweak in the “strategy” side of marketing makes the “tactics” so much easier and quicker and CHEAPER. Your marketing problem will get the same strategic overhauling that in-house projects get!
  3. Online Marketing Starter Kit: Social media is new, shiny and exciting… but which platform to choose for YOUR business, and how to best produce content for that platform so that you get MORE business (not just more likes and shares!)

Do you need help in your marketing?

Innovation and Marketing are the two main functions of any business.

You are the pro, the artist, the business owner … that’s your product creation, your innovative side. But how do you best use your time and resources to market your business?

Invest in a one-hour phone consultation with Mohammad Khan, and this may be the push you need. You can save a lot of wasted time, energy and money. How? With 10+ years of experience in bootstrapping and wrapping a business around ideas, hobbies and passions, you will get a clear-cut, no-nonsense, straight-forward advice on the best route to take.

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Session(s) will be conducted via phone/skype/Zoom with Mohammad Khan.

Once you reserve your seat, we will know. You will inshAllah be contacted immediately to schedule the session time. The session itself will be within 5 days (usually in a day or two) of making the transaction.

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Pay via Debit or Credit card. JazzCash, EasyPaisa or Bank transfer option is also available (you will see the banking details while checking out)

Session time is a minimum of 1 hour, and can take longer depending on your questions and the discussion. No need to worry, your questions inshAllah will be answered to best of our capabilities.