Commitments And Dead Batteries

Sshh, quiet.

Don’t speak. Just watch. Learn. He has been at it for ten thousand days. Give or take a few. That’s commitment. That’s perseverance. That’s ten gawddamned thousand days. Give or take a few.

The big smile on his face. The calm that rests on his shoulders. The swagger of deliberate indifference. The educated guesses and the irrational convictions. Don’t you want that?

“But I can’t have it. He has been lucky; I will fail like I always do. He had a lucky break, that’s all…”

But did he know he will be lucky? Was that an educated guess? Or just an irrational conviction?

“Is there a difference?”

Or was that commitment and perseverance?

“But ten thousand days is a lot of time. What if I fail even after ten thousand days? Give or take a few?”

There is no failure. You will just have a different result than his. And besides, consider the alternative…

“That what if I don’t try, where will I be in ten thousand days?”

…yes, that alternative. Scared of losing? Or just afraid of committing to something?

“I don’t know. I just don’t feel that I can do it. I don’t know if this is what I want to commit to.”

Now is the time to pick: take an educated guess or find an irrational conviction. So what’ll it be?

“But I don’t even know how commitment feels like… how would I know that I am committed to my cause and my objective?”

By telling yourself, everyday. How does your phone battery know that it’s running low? It doesn’t know. The phone keeps a check on it. And you recharge it. Daily. Isn’t that so?

“Commitments are like dead batteries then? Both need a recharge?”

Yes, both need a recharge. Pretty much daily.

“That’s the first time today that you actually made sense.”


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