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By the end of this lesson, you would know:

  1. What it means to focus on your client journey (the two T’s)
  2. How to “digitize” the Profitable Client Journey
  3. The most important systems to have in place 
  4. ProHobbyist Beware! Things to watch out for when implementing the Profitable Client Journey in your online business

Why does this matter?

Imagine you are walking through a jungle. It’s dark, you don’t have a clear path ahead of you.

You hear strange voices coming from all directions… they distract you, they scare you. But you are not that scared. You are not that confused. Why?

Because you see a couple of lights way over to one side. You see the lights… some are brighter than the others. But now you at least know the direction that you have to take, right?

The path is not clear, there are pots and rocks, there are branches hitting your face in the dark, but you keep making progress. You are a bit scared, a bit anxious… but you know, all you really gott’a do, is keep your direction pointing towards those lights.

The Profitable Client Journey is one of the brightest light in the dark jungle of entrepreneurship. By God’s Grace it will guide you towards what you want the most. 

Sorry, I had to build this up because this is that important. 

This Masterclass by Momekh dives deep into seeing how you can start building your own Profitable Client Journey for your business and grow your brand!

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