Curiosity. It can be an itch sometimes.

It is what makes the world go round, that and that space-time stuff with gravity and large bodies floating in immense, large and massive nothingness. Curiosity makes you do a lot, and that leads you to lead an interesting life – but not necessarily a happy life. But then you grow up.

Even if you don’t have to, you grow up.

You can no longer afford to just sit in front of a bee hive to see if the bee that went in 5 minutes ago would come out from the same way or not (that’s probably practically impossible to find out). You can no longer afford to be ‘childish’ and waste hours of your time and tons of your money to ‘just see’ how the western side of the Gibraltar looks when the sun comes up. These things reek of immaturity. But that is how curiosity smells like sometime.

Live curiously.

I believe that entrepreneurship (which, really, is a very long word to type the first time without a typo) has a lot to do with living curiously. In fact, most entrepreneurs are tagged as one because that is the perfect excuse to ‘just see’ if this idea would work, if that would sell, if this could fix that problem. They get to be called cool names like ‘serial entrepreneurs’ or even ‘parallel entrepreneurs’, whereas they probably wanted to ‘just see’ if someone could actually pull it off. In all probabilities, they are the ones that didn’t grow up.

So yeah, stay curious. And next time the itch comes around, scratch it till it hurts.

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