Dairy Farm Pictures

Dairy Farming Picture - Momekh's Dairy Farm
My "Custom built" dairy farm 🙂

I have been getting some requests to put up some pictures of the dairy farms I have visited. So I thought let me start by putting up pictures of my own farm.

I have tons of pictures. I need to wade through them, to give you a better, more systematic view of dairy farming.

[nggallery id=2]

I also have lots of video!

I in fact have made a video on installing a Cooling Fan for my dairy farm, check it out.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to visit your dairy farm. Can you please provide me contact information and address if possible.

  2. i am verey happy know about your faming .nice work.
    i am in Punjab Gujranwala before 2 year i make a small farm with 17 cows age 2.3 and 3 buffalo but i am much in tribal right now cows only 8 pregnant not all and buffalo are 2 pregnant and now my pocket is empty i need help i want i sale some cows and buy dairy buffalo for milk any company give me 15 lac Rs for improvement only for 2 year i give money back. of may farm and buying more buffalo because i don’t have my own land but with 10 year agreement …..
    Guide me pleas

  3. Hi i am thomas from India i am planning to start Dairy so plea se guide me and i am very new to this bussines, hope i will get assistance from you

    Thanking you

  4. Salam Alaykum,

    I am planning to open up a dairy farm within a few months, hopefully right after Ramadan, in Islamabad.

    I have one short but a very fundamental question. A lot of talk and discussion that i have read on your blogs (and i have ready almost all, including your book on dairy farming) is almost all about cows. Baring a couple of places i never read anything about buffaloes.

    Now the model i have (with the little investment i can put down) is to go for 9 buffaloes and 3 cows. Milk collectors are buying the milk here for 80 Rps/litre,

    I just want to know what your take is on buffaloes, and my business idea. I recently sat with a scientist at the Animal Nutrition section at the National Agricultural Research Center and he was like, DO NOT go for buffaloes,

    I do not see how I’d be able to sell cow milk on its own. Correct me if i am wrong but for someone like me wanting to start a small dairy farm….buffaloes are essential. Isn’t it so ?