Beginner’s Luck is the ultimate mistress, always there to seduce me into thinking I am good enough. You try something for the first time, and you surprise yourself.

The first time I let go of the arrow, it hits the bullseye. The first time I send in an article to a national publication, it gets accepted as the Cover Story. The first time I shoot a three-eight, it leaves a clean circle on both sides of the plastic bottle placed 20 yards away. The first time I increase the prices of my design services to three times the previous price, the client agrees. The first time I hit a golf ball, it lands near the 200 meter The First Time makes me think I have talent. It makes me think I am naturally gifted. It makes me think that I’ve got this figured out, that I’m above average. It makes me think I’m good enough.

The reason Beginner’s Luck is a mistress and not your loving caregiver is because the First Time sets the stage for your lifelong mediocrity.

Beginner’s Luck, if I’m not careful, ensures that I remain just good enough. Remain mediocre. Remain average.

The enemy of Best is Good Enough.


And if, by any chance, you’re interested in living a life you look forward to living:

Keep learning. Keep improving.

Keep learning. Keep improving

When you’re Good Enough, make sure it’s not good enough.

Find better surroundings. Keep improving. You will enjoy it a thousand times more and you’ll contribute to others in much better way. God willing.

I wish you the best as I know you wish the same for me. God bless!