Don’t Read This

In all honesty, I don’t mean to offend. But this blog may not be for you.

You will not benefit if…
If you are A-OK on living like everyone else, on being average, then I probably have nothing to offer you. More importantly, if you are convinced that you know enough, then this is definitely not for you. Definitely. Thank you for reading till here. God bless and good luck. (I could go on to say that if you are biased to the extend of being a bigot than you are not even welcome here, but then again, most bigots don’t know they are bigots, so yeah, take a mirror and just stare at it man, just stare.)

You may find this useful if…
Regardless of your contentment or happiness, if you truly apply the belief that “there is always room for improvement, one can always learn to be better, to gain, to achieve progress, on an individual level at least”, then you may find things discussed here of some use at least.  I am big on finding the best methods of improving one’s self, may it be one’s spiritual self (used to be called ‘religious’), or one’s physical health, or one’s financial health. I find life awesomely interesting and full of itself (not in a self-absorbed sorta way but in a life-being-full-of-life kinda way). I sincerely hope and pray that you get to find contentment in this life (and the one coming after) and you don’t let your dreams remain dreams. Good luck and God bless.

One does not learn if one is not searching, and one does not search if one does not feel deprived in one way or the other. That deprivation can come from not having something, or not having enough of something.

I believe in certain things. I believe them for a reason. I share them here because I feel that you can really benefit from any of this.

I share my understanding – flawed as it may be – in hope to inspire and learn further. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcomed.