Exercise Can Save You

Two guys walking in the forest suddenly come upon an aggressive grizzly bear. The bear runs towards them to demolish them!

One guy turns to run and sees the other one quickly putting on his running shoes.

“What are you doing? You can’t outrun a grizzly even in running shoes!?”

“I don’t plan on outrunning the grizzly,” the other guy says, “I plan to only outrun you.”

In any case, exercise is a good thing, right?

1. Exercise Makes You Better. Period

I don’t mean that it makes you better in the sense that “I workout, it gives me a more able body, and that able body I can use to do more work, be more present and perform at a higher level”

No, not only that.

But exercise makes You better. It gives the soul a taste of what discipline feels like. It changes your Spirit’s relationship with work itself.

2. Exercise Improves Your Overall Performance

Not a surprise then that DuPont reported an almost 50% decrease in absenteeism. Meaning, that over a six year period, they tracked the performance of participants who were on their corporate fitness program.

For six years. And they saw that their absenteeism decreased by 47.5%! That’s actually quite significant if you think about it. (citation: Page 65, The Power of Full Engagement)

Now, imagine you ask someone this question, “hey, do you want to increase your overall performance?”

Just like that. You ask this question. Can you imagine anyone ever saying “no” to a question like that?

Of course not.

That is what exercise gives you.

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