Fundamentals On Repeat

I always talk about fundamentals. Why? Because if your fundamentals are right, sooooo many things simply wont matter! It’s like you will succeed even IF YOU DONT WANT TO! Because your fundamentals were correct…

This picture is an example of a full fledge TREE growing out of the side wall of our house!

tree growing from a wall - lahore

The tree obviously got the fundamentals right. And look at it, it is APPARENTLY growing on brick and concrete! But it really is not.

Some other tree may see this and try to copy it: “I can grow on brick and concrete as well!”

No it can’t. It will die a prolonged, almost shameful death. Sad, I know.

That’s why fundamentals are so important. That’s why I have learnt – the hard way, after trying to grow on brick and concrete – that I must first identify the fundamentals. And then do them on repeat!

Examples of Fundamentals on Repeat

These examples are fundamentals that I have identified over the years. Take a look at your activities and see how much time are you spending on these!

Losing Weight

The fundamentals – as tested – are simply to eat less and to move more.

More simply: the number of calories you eat in a day, you must burn more than that. You must achieve caloric deficit to lose weight. That’s it. Seriously. That’s the fundamental principle.

Sure, all calories are not created equal. Sure, some foods are more fattening (and more harmful) than others. But the fundamental, if followed, will make you lose weight.

Likewise, some exercises are better than others. But as long as you are moving enough to put yourself in a caloric deficit, you are going to lose weight, even if you don’t want to.

And the “On Repeat” part simply means that you do that every day, day in day out. For many, this alone sounds boring. Exactly. That’s why I was fat.

Starting a Business

Business exists to create a client, that’s the fundamental of a business. This fundamental was articulated by none other than the business philosopher Peter Drucker.

That’s why I always remind myself, “focus on the transaction”. The transaction creates the client. The website, the office, the fancy gift boxes, the accountant, the tea boy, the swanky business card that you poured your heart and soul into, those things don’t make a business.

That’s why you see some dude in t-shirt and flip flops making tons, and the dude in suit making nothing… one of them focused – consciously or subconsciously – on the fundamentals of a business

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